When Quaker Process Fails: An Interview with John M. Coleman

John M. Coleman’s October 2012 feature, When Quaker Process Fails, looks at ways that Quaker institutions have avoided accountability and expertise. In our follow‐up interview he shares the three essential conditions for good Quaker decision‐making and tells us of some surprising places where Quaker process is being used.

John M. Coleman is an expert on business ethics and institutional governance.  He currently serves as chief operating officer of NCI Consulting LLC, and teaches a seminar on corporate governance at Rutgers University. He serves, or has served, in leadership positions on the boards of directors of four Fortune 500 public companies as well as those of many Quaker organizations. He was previously the Senior Vice President – Law and Public Affairs of Campbell Soup Company and a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. He is a member of Moorestown (N.J.) Meeting.

Martin Kelley is editor of Friends Journal.

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