A Window and a Door: A Prayer

grant that my soul,
the workplace of Spirit within,
have the grace of possessing
both a window and a door.

Windows let in light and air from outside
and bring hope and wisdom,
when it is needed within.

And when the lights of my soul
shine through clear, window glass,
the radiance can be perceived,
and can sometimes bring insight
to perplexities that enthrall others.

Yet a window makes but part of
the connection required for wholeness.
for Spirit moves out
through the door of my soul,
with the grounding of Love
and a feathery flight,
and brings joy when it alights
upon its kindred―
For, is any not its kin?

And when the stranger knocks at the door,
spirit can fling it wide open,
inviting the stranger to sup
and become friend,
giving succor, new learning,  and renewal
to both me and thee.

Beloved, may my soul―and my community
—have the grace
of both a window and a door.


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