A Day of Waiting

© Richard Griffin


Holy Saturday waits
Like a patch of dirt in the lawn
Nothing happening
But shoots, then buds appear
Followed by tomatoes, squash and beans.

Holy Saturday looks dull
It’s the spring in a can
Just boring coils of gray metal
Doing nothing,
Worthless scrap
But waiting 
For the lid to come off.

Hope lost
And was buried.
Nothing to do but go home
And put one heavy foot in front of the other
Because it’s Holy Saturday
And nothing’s happening.

But then Mary shows up with funeral spices
And the gardener whispers her name
And she gets the surprise of her life.
It’s Holy Saturday
Like so many days
Nothing is happening

But the joy

Is in



We are.

Geoff Knowlton lives in Princeton, Mass.

Posted in: Healing, Poetry


3 thoughts on “A Day of Waiting

  1. Sharon L. Shelly says:

    City & State
    Wooster, OH
    What a beautiful and powerful poem! Thank you Geoff Knowlton.

    1. Geoff Knowlton says:

      City & State
      Thanks very much for your kind words. I’m glad you found it meaningful.

  2. City & State
    Cambridge, MA
    Geoff, I just love this poem and shared it at our adult religious education at Beacon Hill Meeting today. Thank you for your inspiring words.

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