Always the Challenge to Be Patient

Parking in the lot at work
early in the morning sun
and straining to come to terms
with yet one more long day,
I was startled by creamy yellow
day lilies that were in full bloom.
They were beautifulā€“
even more so than usual
given my needy mood of the moment.

Butā€¦ thenā€¦ I noticed
wilting petals and withering
muddy yellow leaves
interspersed among the flourishing flowers.

Dawn revealed once again
that there would always be
the pull of the attractive
and the push of the unattractiveā€“
always the compelling want
and the constraining notā€wantā€“
always the challenge to be patient
with what has been created.

Charles Bunner lives in Richmond, Ind.

Posted in: Friendly Competition?, Poetry

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