Active Peace: A Mindful Path to a Nonviolent World

By G. Scott Brown. Collins Foundation Press, 2016. 197 pages. $19.95/paperback.

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I learned about this book through the Metta Center for Nonviolence in California, whose mission is to awaken individual power for nonviolence. The title of this book is so close to Joanna Macy’s Active Hope (one of my very, very favorites) that it doubly caught my attention. This book starts out framing our current lifestyles as based on false beliefs in separateness, lack, crisis, and collapse. In the book’s sections, Brown moves through restoration of relationships to self, others, nature, and the world. The final chapter is about restorative activism. Shelley Tanenbaum is quoted on the cover: “Active Peace is a wise, uplifting, and heart opening guide” in this healing that brings us to our own agency in the end and all along the way.

Correction: the original version of this article indicated that the book’s endorsement writer is Shelley Tanenbaum of Quaker Earthcare Witness. We have since learned that it is a different Shelley Tanenbaum; we apologize for the error.

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