Live Like You Give a Damn!: Join the Changemaking Celebration

By Tom Sine. Cascade Books, 2016. 195 pages. $24/paperback; $9.99/eBook.

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The acorn, you may say, can be very afraid when it realizes that it must give up its home and identity (in fact, its shell) in order to become a mighty oak. What a cute story to ponder. When it applies to me, though, it’s suddenly scary if I understand what kind of transformation we’re talking about. Enter the younger generations! Enter the “creatively maladjusted” among us! Blessed be those who live like they give a damn, and are open to doing new things, and old things in new ways! And blessed be writers like Tom Sine, whose idea of holy obedience is to be in the public square, urging and helping us to align our values with our outward lives, and helping us to declare this as a Christian way of life, worship, and work. His exhortations, on nearly every page, to get involved include all arenas of life, not least of which are churches (for us, meetings) and the business and entrepreneurial sectors.

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