In Brief: Quiet Healer: From Jew, to Quaker, to Healer—A Remarkable True Story of Hope and Wisdom

By Elyce Valiquette. Self-published, 2021. 538 pages. $17.99/paperback; $6.98/eBook.

Quiet Healer is the story of one woman’s extraordinary journey from a world of deep, dark oppression, to the heights of transformed liberation and powerful intuitive capabilities. The author tells a true story of her many struggles through abuses and sickness to finally find her authentic self. Raised in a secular Jewish environment by a narcissistic family, she never felt that she belonged. As a young adult she opened herself up to spirituality and eventually became a contemplative Christian Quaker. Later, she discovered her true calling as an intuitive healer. She shares her significant discoveries and life skills: how to cope with adversity and to gain wisdom and power from within. Her perceptions allow readers to examine their own lives in a new, brighter light. Full of drama, humor, and meaning, this is a book to be enjoyed for its simplicity and insights, which are easy to understand and apply to one’s own life.

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