In Brief: The Soulful Life: Soulfulness from Birth to Death

By Ron McDonald. RPM Press, 2021. 171 pages. $11.95/paperback; $8.99/eBook.

Soul is a word shrouded in mystery. Soul cannot be adequately defined, yet we know it when we see it and feel it. Soul comes to us in the stories of healing, artistic inspiration, and surprising vulnerability. Soulfulness, when we are open to its surprises, touches us from birth to death. Whether it be the joyfulness of a child, amazing feats of athletic skill, or the almost secret touch of the long married couple, soulfulness sneaks into our very hearts and makes life full. The Soulful Life, captured by a master storyteller, reminds us in every chapter that life is good. There may be tragedy and evil, but in the long run soulfulness prevails. Ron McDonald is a pastoral counselor, writer, musician, and teacher who lives in Tennessee. 

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