More Money, More Problems

Or so the saying goes.

In our next Friends Journal book club installment, we’ll talk about the effect of money on our spirituality. Quakers value simplicity, but how much does money play a part in achieving it? Does having too much money take away from our ability to live simply? On the other hand, would having no money severely impair our ability to live at all?

Mark Sundeen, the author of The Man Who Quit money, follows Daniel Suelo on his decade-long journey to live without money. We learn how Suelo appears to those on the outside, what led to his decision to “quit” money altogether, and how his Christian faith has changed over the years.

Join us starting Monday, September 17, for what will prove to be a fascinating discussion.



This is a Friends Journal book club installment. Share your thoughts! Everyone is welcome to comment. 

And read the upcoming Friends Journal October issue for an exclusive interview with Mark Sundeen.

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