My Conversation with Sophia: Reflections on Wisdom’s Contemplative Path

My_Conversation_with_Sophia__Reflections_on_Wisdom_s_Contemplative_Path__William_Z__Shetter__9781491745021__Amazon_com__BooksBy William Z. Shetter. iUniverse, 2014. 152 pages. $14.95/paperback; $3.99/eBook.

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One of the most comforting things in life would be to talk with Wisdom personified. In a dream or vision state, such a conversation occurs in this book, where the parts of ourselves become, in Sophia’s imagery, like the facets of a cut diamond. In that unity, it becomes easy to see how each part, each facet, is needed and plays a role in moving the light around inside the stone. The mystery of that light, sometimes bouncing into the spectrum of color and other times reflecting off a facet in a too-quick colorless beam, is within the diamond and yet released by the facets. Although a dream state allows the conversation to begin, Sophia’s words are clear. Like the diamond she uses to describe us to ourselves, her words are smooth, bright, and without equivocation:

There is a truth within you that is in harmony with a deeper intelligence, and only you can choose the steps on the path toward that. Are you up to that challenge?

And warm, like the light bouncing inside the cut stone, Sophia assures us about our struggles to answer questions that may, in this life, be unanswerable:

a truly discerned choice reworks your own inner self. You are enabled to reconcile and harmonize contradictions.

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