Quaker Bestsellers 2015

From the 2015 FGC Gathering in Cullowhee, North Carolina

1. A Sustainable Life: Quaker Faith and Practice in the Renewal of Creation

By Douglas Gwyn. QuakerPress of FGC, 2014. 166 pages. $14.95/paperback; $6.50/eBook. (Reviewed in FJ Jan. 2015.)

2. Healing the Heart of Democracy: The Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit

By Parker J. Palmer. Jossey-Bass, 2011. 236 pages. $24.95/hardcover; $17.95/paperback or eBook. (Reviewed in FJ Nov. 2012). Palmer was a plenary speaker at this year’s Gathering.

3. Renewable: One Woman’s Search for Simplicity, Faithfulness, and Hope

By Eileen Flanagan. She Writes Press, 2015. 200 pages. $16.95/paperback; $9.95/eBook. (Reviewed in FJ Mar. 2015.)

4. Building a Movement to End the New Jim Crow: An Organizing Guide

By Daniel Hunter. Hyrax Publishing, 2015. 80 pages. $9/paperback; $2.99/eBook. (Review in FJ forthcoming.)

5. Bayard Rustin: The Invisible Activist

By Jacqueline Houtman, Walter Naegle, and Michael G. Long. QuakerPress of FGC, 2014. 166 pages. $16/paperback. (Reviewed in FJ Mar. 2015.)

6. Tracking Down Ecological Guidance: Presence, Beauty, Survival

By Keith Helmuth. Chapel Street Editions, 2015. 284 pages. $20/paperback. (Review in FJ forthcoming.)

7. Jack Jones—A True Friend to China: The Lost Writings of a Heroic Nobody

Edited by Andrew Hicks. Earnshaw Books, 2015. 383 pages. $50/paperback. (Review in FJ forthcoming.)

8 With a Tender Hand: A Resource Book for Eldership and Oversight

By Zélie Gross. Britain Yearly Meeting, 2015. 432 pages. $20/paperback. (Review in FJ forthcoming.)

9. Breathing Light: Accompanying Loss and Grief with Love and Gratitude

By Julie Hliboki, photography by David Foster. Transilient Publishing, 2014. 86 pages. $24/paperback. (Reviewed in FJ Sept. 2015.)

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