The Angel of Har Megiddo


By Mike King. Stochastic Press, 2014. 447 pages. $15.85/paperback; $5/eBook.

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British Quaker Mike King, who also wrote the non-fiction Quakernomics, tries his hand at fiction in this work. The Angel of Har Megiddo alternates between a plot line that unfolds in the United States among the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court and one that takes place in an army installation in Israel, where a soldier holds hundreds of lives in his hand as he flips a switch—or doesn’t. The subtitle is “A Novel of the U.S.-Israel-Palestine Conflict.” Rarely does one see that occupation described as including the United States on the immediate level, so there’s an indication that King does major teaching in this novel, even while the fictional characters sort out court cases and make life-or-death decisions.

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