Brittany Koresch and Angie Miller interview

Quaker authors Koresch and Miller’s wrote “Welcoming Joy and Spirit through Accessibility” in the February 2024 issue of Friends Journal.

Brittany Koresch and Angie Miller discuss their efforts to make their Quaker meeting more accessible and welcoming to neurodivergent individuals and others. Brittany originally felt unable to fully participate in the traditional silent meeting. Angie and Brittany worked with their meeting to introduce alternative worship formats, such as an afternoon meeting with accommodations like fidget toys and written materials. Their article has sparked discussion around making Quaker language and facilities unambiguously inclusive. The afternoon meeting has helped more people feel comfortable sharing messages. This model shows how meetings can evolve to embrace diversity while maintaining spiritual community.

Brittany Koresch attends North Columbus (Ohio) Meeting, and is a teacher for the visually impaired. When not teaching, they enjoy playing computer games, sewing, and bouldering. Angie Miller is a member of North Columbus (Ohio) Meeting. She is a chemistry lecture demonstrator at Princeton University and enjoys reading, knitting, and hanging out with her pets.

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