The Day After Thanksgiving

Nativity_Scene_HR-2The Day after Thanksgiving
In cities and towns
holiday lights brighten
the sky and shout
good news about bargains
to be found at the mall.
After all, it’s Black Friday!

The economy’s on its knees;
sales projections are grim.
Can hope be born again
in fear filled lives—or
will bright lights expose
over‐stocked shelves
and empty hearts?

Above taxing dark clouds
The Bethlehem Star
still shines undaunted as ever
and though the night is dark
many are led by the Light
to a faith‐filled Christmas.

Ruth Naylor
Bluffton Ohio

Ruth Naylor, Bluffton, Ohio

Posted in: November 2013: Books and Writing, Poetry

2 thoughts on “The Day After Thanksgiving

  1. Ms. Patricia Anderson says:

    City & State
    Pewaukee Wisconsin
    Thank you for this reminder to keep the meaning despite the sparkling temptations offered from all sides.

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