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3rd Annual Student Voices Project

“Building Community” is the theme of our third annual selection of writing and art from Quaker-affiliated students.

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Student Voices 2016 Option 1: Building Community

What are the important elements of building a loving, safe, and supportive community? How do you contribute to maintaining these elements in your community?

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Student Voices 2016 Option 2: Supporting Community

What are some ways to support and care for each member of your community? How do you help out when someone is in need? How do you make newcomers feel welcome in your community?

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Student Voices 2016 Option 3: Conflicts in Community

What happens when there are differences or conflicts within a community? How do we respond with patience, tolerance, and openness to building bridges?

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Student Voices 2016 Option 4: Community Working Together

Share an example of a community working together to accomplish a greater goal. What happened and how was it made possible? What kind of roles did members play along the way?

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Student Voices 2016: Thanks

Thank you to all of the participants of the 3rd Annual Student Voices Project!

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2nd Annual Student Voices Project

Introduction to this year’s Student Voices Project

Gail Whiffen Coyle is associate editor of Friends Journal.

Posted in: April 2014, Student Voices Project
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Student Voices: Story Time

Has there been a time when you were involved in a conflict and there was a peaceful resolution?

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Student Voices: Ponder

Why do people fight? What causes violent conflict?

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Student Voices: Get Involved

Describe the scenarios and places where you see peace and conflict in your daily life.

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