No one likes it,
The thing most fear,
We work hard to run away,
Hidden lessons weaved in,
People get emotional
Some don’t even care,
Reminds us how much
We like winning,
Blaming, cheating,
Turning against one another,
People screaming at you: Do better! Work harder!
Feeling the fire burning in your chest,
It changes you,
Control your feelings,
Releasing an aggressive, furious dragon
Be kind, never lie, or cheat
Feeling like it’s not that easy,
Respecting them,
So much in common
Wanting the same thing,
Except they won,
Frustration rising within,
Blaming other people,
You really blame yourself,
Feeling like you failed,
They did better than you,
Crying when you feel like you deserve more
No longer angry
Feeling disappointment
With every breath you take in,
Wind blowing across your face,
Thinking about what you have learned
At least you had fun
The next day no one cares,
Blown away like dust

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Davis Lensch, Grade 7, Carolina Friends School in Durham, N.C.

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