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Love Cannot Be Overwhelmed

Viewpoint: Love cannot be overwhelmed. Love stays.

Michael Lane lives in聽Burlington, N.J.

Posted in: June/July 2017: Reimagining the Quaker Ecosystem, Viewpoint
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Quakers, Restrooms, and the Learning Curve

Quakers tend to follow the leading to be in the world but not of it, although last summer gave us [鈥

Debby Churchman lives in Arlington, Va., and works for Friends Meeting of Washington (D.C.).

Posted in: Quaker Summers, Viewpoint
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Silence in the Noise

The world is so noisy, especially now. We are surrounded by so much racket that it鈥檚 hard to discern how [鈥

Mary Braden lives in Baltimore, Md.

Posted in: February 2017, Viewpoint
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Who Is My Neighbor?

Can we reject unacceptable actions and still find ways to touch those neighbors in pain?

Ellie Beach聽lives in聽Hiram, Ohio.

Posted in: January 2017: Quakers in the Workplace, Viewpoint
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Viewpoint: How to Write a Thank鈥恲ou Note

How to get through that pile of thank鈥恲ou notes鈥攁nd end up liking your Friends!

Mariellen Gilpin lives in Champaign, Ill.

Posted in: Giving and Philanthropy, Viewpoint
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Viewpoint: Persuasive Letters to the Editor

Tips for getting your thoughts printed in your local paper.

Don Byrd lives in聽Bloomington, Ind.

Posted in: Quakers and Social Media, Viewpoint
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End Slavery for All


John Andrew Gallery lives in Philadelphia, Pa. He can be contacted at聽jagphila@mac.com.

Posted in: September 2016, Viewpoint
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Viewpoint: Finding Quakerism on My Own

An ongoing journey from Catholicism to free鈥恟ange spirituality to Quakerism.

Patty Quinn lives in Philadelphia, Pa.

Posted in: 2016, Departments, June/July 2016: Almost Quaker, Viewpoint
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Viewpoint: Toward a Better Understanding

A reader suggests that even a simple tool such as Wikipedia can help us learn more about violent extremists.

The author lives in Brookhaven, Pa.

Posted in: May 2016: Gender and Sexuality, Viewpoint
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Love鈥擡ven for Myself

Our March 2016 Viewpoint

Last name held by request

Posted in: Disability and Inclusion, Viewpoint
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