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(Part of the 2nd annual Student Voices Project)

Prompt: Describe the scenarios and places where you see peace and conflict in your daily life. How can an individual be a part of creating peace (at school, in his or her community, in the world)?


Aiknoor Kaur, Grade 7, Friends Academy of Westampton

One day at night,
there was a very big fight.
Then the weapons were turned into a peace dove,
the anger turned to love.
A human helped the two,
did some magic and ended the fight. But who?
The person could be anyone,
and the people fighting didn’t have to be kids to make it done.
Conflicts can be solved,
if someone has helped.
Anger only hurts yourself,
and that won’t help.
Please be nice at all times,
then everything will be fine.
Conflicts can end with peace,
then the fight will cease.
Conflicts come and go,
but some are so big that they stop a relationship to grow.
We shouldn’t let conflicts get in our way,
if we keep it that way then life will be peaceful every day.

Aiknoor Kaur lives in New Jersey. Her family consists of her mother, father, oldest sister, and her twin sister. Her hobbies are playing basketball, baking, cooking, reading, and writing stories.

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