When kids go to college and become more educated, the unemployment rate decreases

Dear President,

An important issue that should be recognized is college education. Approximately 82 percent of Americans say they cannot afford the price of college tuition. This means every year a large amount of kids are not going to college based on something they cannot specifically control. It could only be imagined that many athletes depend on their sports for getting into college. In addition, unless a student has a 3.7 GPA or better, the chances of getting a substantial amount of academic scholarship money are slim to none. This leaves many people around the country at a disadvantage. When kids go to college and become more educated, the unemployment rate decreases. It can also make an impact on the amount of homeless or poor who are in their circumstances because they did not have the opportunity to go to college. Making tuition prices lower opens up the door for many young students aspiring to further their education and pursue a future career. This issue should be looked at as extremely significant because in reality the country is educating possible future leaders.

Leiya Stuart, Grade 9, Westtown School

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