Harry and Harris families of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting (Pennsylvania)

by James A. Quinn, Historian, Gwynedd Friends Meeting. Created August 29, 2009. Current revision is of April, 2011.

Part 1. From the records of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (alphabetical by first name)

source: records kept at the Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College. Some of the Meeting minutes are on-line elsewhere on this web site. Marriage certificates are abstracted on a separate page too.

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98-3 1770-10-30 Alice Harry received on certificate from Chester MM dated 8-27-1770. Note: Chester MM records show: Alice Harry, acknowledgment between 30 April and 30 July 1770 for marriage by a priest [nee Meredith, wife of John Harry].

150-1 1755-10-28 Barbara Harry granted certificate to Haverford MM [wife of John Harry]

Barbara Harry signs (with Rees Harry, Ellin Harry and John Harry) the certificate of John Jones, Jr., son of John Jones of Germantown who married Tacy Daws daughter of Abram Daws of Whitpain, 12 mo., 2 ,1762, at Plymouth MH.

201-6 1835-7-30 Benjamin Harry disowned by the Orthodox Meeting for joining the Hicksites after Gwynedd Meeting split in two.

Benjamin Harry, b. 5, 12, 1809; d. 2, 23, 1888, son of David and Ann [David the son of John].

78-1 1725-3-25 David, wife and children received on certificate from Haverford MM

David Harry (and sometimes Lydia too) signs several Gwynedd MM marriage certificates where elders, ministers and overseers sign.

1715 - Edward Jones s/o John Evan dec'd of Radnor m. Sarah Evans d/o Thomas of Gwynedd at Gwynedd mh, 6th mo 25, 1715 - David Harry signs in column 1 with overseers...

1715 - William Robert s/o Edward of Merion dec'd m. Anne Evans d/o Robert, of Gwynedd at Gwynedd mh 6th mo 25, 1715 - David Harry signs with overseers...

1715 - David and Lydia Harry sign as an overseer, minister or elder:  Isaac William of Whitemarsh m. Elizabeth Marle of Whitemarsh, 10 August (6 mo.) 1715. Wit: Col 1. Gwen Evan, Margaret Rees, Gobytha Powel, Elizabeth Powell, Cadrin Redwizer, Mary Owen , Edith Dawes, Rachel Harmar, Sarah Hank, Hannah Marle, Anne Marle, Genisis Davies, Phebe Williams, Esther Wm, Alce Rees, Lydia Harry, Elizabeth William. Col 2. David Harry, Edward Davies, Thomas Rees, Merchant Maulsby, Henrey Coulston, William Coulstone, Henrey Pastorius, John Redwizer, John Cartlidge, Owen Owens. Col. 3 (under bride and groom) Thomas Marle, Margaret Marle, Rees William, Daniel Jackson, Thomas Marle, David Meredith, Rowland Powel(?).

1720 - David Jones of Plymouth m. Ruth Dickinson d/o William of Plymouth, 2 April (2 mo.) 1720 at Plymouth MH, Wit. Col 1 (ministers, elders overseers most likely). Hugh Jones, William Kook, Tho Colly, Job Pugh, Jno David, David Meredith, Tho David, Owen Owens, Isaac Morris, Ben Dickinson, Phebe Dickinson, Gwen David. Col. 2 (neighbors most likely): John Cadwalader, William Coulstone, John Rees, Thomas Pugh, Rowland Ellis Jr., Ellis Robt, David Harry, Robt Evan, Abram Cox, Mary Boyer, Mary Jones. Col 3 (female relatives most likely). Ellin Meredith, Eliza Robert, Edith Dawes, Grace Eastburne, Ellin Evans, Mary Owen, Lydia Harry, Mary Harmar, Eliza Potts, Mary Robert, Jane David, Martha Cox. Col 3 (parents and male relatives). John Shiers, Sarah Shiers, William Dickinson, David Davies, Sarah Davis, Joshua Dickinson, Daniel Potts, David Meredith, John Moore, Arthur Jones, Rebecka Cadwalader, Mary ? [Richards, Richardson or Nichols], Sarah Dawes, John Moore, Cadwalader Evans.

1726 - Joseph Jones, s/o Hugh of Plymouth, m. Elizabeth Samuel d/o William (dec'd of same), 22 Apr 1726 at Plymouth MH. David Harry signs in column 1 with the elders.

1731- Benjamin Dickinson of Plymouth m. Elizabeth Hammer of same, 4 September 1731. Wit: Jno Hammer, Jane Hammer, Sarah Shiers, Josa Dickinson, David Divies, David Jones, Jno Hammer, Ruth Jones, Sarah Davies; Col. 2. Wm Trotter, Rees William, Isaac Williams, David Harry, Wm Robeson, Ellis Robert, William Roberts.

1742 - David and Lydia Harry sign this marriage certificate:  Henry Cunrad of Upper Dublin, m. Jane Jones of Whitemarsh, 18, 9mo., 1742 at Plymouth MH. Wit. Col 1. Edward Stroud, Cath. Stroud, John Jarett, Jacob Cadwalader, Dennis Cunrad, Ann Cunrad, John Cunrad, Henry Cunrad, Wm Atkinson, Cornelius Cunrad, James Stroud, Peter Matson. Col 2. David Harry, Thos Potts, Robert Roger, Wm Trotter, John Trotter, Joseph Trotter, Thomas Bartholomew, Hannaniah Pugh, Nathan Potts, Mishall Pugh, Lydia Harry, Moses Meredith, Joseph Jones.

20-2 1748-12-28 David Jr. Married contrary to discipline and disowned [no further record of this David]

323-2 1761-10-27 David granted certificate to Philadelphia MM [assumed to be the son of Rees Harry]

254-3 1777-9-23 David received on certificate from Philadelphia MM dated 6-27-1777 - "10th David Harry gave in his Certificate from Philadelphia monthly Meeting dated the 27th of the 6th month last wherein they signify that he sometimes attended their Meetings and is clear of Marriage engagements and recommending him as a member of our religious Society. was read in this Meeting and received. [assumed to be the return of the son of Rees Harry]

38-1 David son of John [son of Rees Harry], wife, Ann (Davis) b. 9-9-1786, d. 11-21-1831 children: Samuel D. 11-31-1806; Benjamin b. 5-14-1809; Rees b. 2-27-1812; Mary b. 3-22-1815; David b. 5-13-1817 d. 7-9-1825.

David Harry signs the marriage certificate of Benjamin Jones, of Roxborough, Philadelphia, son of John Jones, deceased who married Elinor Meredith daughter of John Meredith of Plymouth, 13, 4th mo., 1797 at Plymouth MH, but does not sign with the near relatives. Owen Evans signs right after him.

317-5 1799-7-30 David granted certificate to Radnor MM

22-6 1828-7-3 David disowned for joining the Hicksites [David son of John Harry]

1762 - Ellin Harry signs (with Rees Harry, Barbara Harry and John Harry) the certificate of John Jones, Jr., son of John Jones of Germantown who married Tacy Daws daughter of Abram Daws of Whitpain, 12 mo., 2 ,1762, at Plymouth MH. [Ellin wife of Rees Harry]

1762- Ellin Harry (with Rees Harry) signs as a relative: Abraham Shoemaker of Germantown, s/o Abraham (dec'd) of Bristol twp., Philadelphia Co., m. Lydia Dawes, d/o Abraham of Whitpain, 3 6th mo. 1762 at Plymouth. Under bride and groom: Abraham Dawes, Hannah Dawes, Saml Spencer, Mary Spencer, Rees Harry, Ellin Harry, Edith Daws, Mary Daws, Tacy Daws, Judith Daws, Elisabeth Daws, Rachel Daws, Geo SHoemaker, Benj Shoemaker, Anthony Williams, etc.

1764 - Ellin Harry signs as a relative on the marriage certificate of William Lewis, s/o William of Newtown, Chester Co. dec'd who married Ruth Jones d/o Evan of Merion dec'd at Gwynedd mh 11th mo 20, 1764

1697 - Elizabeth Harry, Radnor (then Haverford) MM:  Elizabeth Harry, daughter of David Harry and Ginnis - b. 3-19-1697. Apparently David Harry m. Ginnis before Lydia and this is his daughter. The relationship seems established when David and Lydia sign her marriage certificate at Radnor - 3, 12, 1724. William Thomas of Merion, yeoman married Elizabeth Harry, daughter of David of Radnor, spinster at Radnor Meeting. Wit: Rees, Martha, Rees, Jr., Herbert, Richard, Wm., David, John, and Mary Thomas; David, Lydia, Samuel, Mary, Eliz., Rees and David Harry, etc. (Radnor (then Haverford) MM records)

Elizabeth Harry (perhaps, name hard to read) signs the marriage certificate of Cadwalader Jones "son of Jno [John] Cadwalader late of the parish of Llanfawr, Merionethshire NorthWales in Great Britain deceased" who married Martha Thomas d/o David Thomas of Radnor at a public meeting in Gwynedd, 4th mo 12, 1719.

Gainor Harry signs a marriage certificate (note Gainor Harry (nee Hugh) m. John Harris, 1723):  John Jones, s/o Robert of Gwynedd m. Gainor Humphrey d/o Robert of same at Gwynedd mh, 4th mo 7, 1733. Col 3 (under bride and groom): Robert Humphrey, Gainor Jones, Margaret Humphrey, Robert Evans, John Humphrey, Cadwallader Evans, Edward Ffoulk, Thomas Ffoulk, Grace ffoulk, David Humphrey, Joshua Humphrey, Ellin Humphrey, Elizabeth Humphrey, John Lloyd, Ellin Lloyd. Col. 2: Edward Robert, Ann Roberts, Hugh Evans, Ellin Jones, Ellin Evans, Jane Evans, Gainor Humphrey, Margaret Jones, Ellin Hugh, Ellin ffoulk, Gainor Harry, Ellin Morgan. Col 1: Richard Thomas, Margaret Thomas, Ellis Thomas Jr., Ellinor Thomas, LINE, Mary Harry, Anne Hugh, LINE, John Thomas, LINE, Sarah David, Hannah Bennett, Catherine Robert, ? Griffith. ON NEXT PAGE: Col. 3: Peter Wells, Ellis Davies, Isaac Jones, William ffoulk, Owen Williams, John Jones, Rees Harry, John Harry, Williiam Arwen, David Griffith, Hannah Rees, Jane William. Col 2.: Daniel Morgan, John Jones, William Lloyd, Joseph Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan, Hugh Griffith, Caleb Evans, William Martin, Jane Thomas, Ellizabeth Wells, Jane Lewis, Catharine Humphrey, Hannah Jones, Ann Evans. Col 1: John Evans, Humphrey Jones, Catharine Jones, LINE, John Morgan, Sarah Morgan, Thomas Lloyd, Hugh Evans, Evan Evans, Owen Evans, Rowland Hughs, Allen Thomas.

1754-3-26. "William Williams and Gainor Harris (late Hugh) declare their intentions to marry."

1754-4-30 "William Williams and Gainor Harris appeared at our last meeting but the said Gainor is since removed by Death.

1723- John Harris - Att our Monthly Meeting held att Gwynedd 24th 7th mo. 1723, women's minutes. "John Harries [Harris] and Gainor Hugh Declared their intention of marriage the first time. Cathrine William and Gwen Foulk are appointed to inspect into her Clearness and Conversation and bring report thereof next Meeting." Second intentions announced 26th of 8th mo 1723. Then the minutes for the 26th of 10 mo, 1723 say, "3rd the friends appointed to attend the Marriage of John Harris and Gainor Hugh reported it was orderly accomplished."

1733 - John Harry signs marriage certificate of John Jones and Gainor Humphrey (see Gainor Harry above).

1744-10-25 John Harry and Barbara Evans reported married

126-2 1754-11-27 John Harry disowned for disunity

1762 - A John Harry signs (with Barbara, Rees and Ellin Harry) the certificate of John Jones, Jr., son of John Jones of Germantown who married Tacy Daws daughter of Abram Daws of Whitpain, 12 mo., 2 ,1762, at Plymouth MH.

1764 - John Harry was among the witnesses to the marriage of John Roberts s/o John of Whitpain to Ellin Williams d/o Thomas of Montgomery dec'd at Gwynedd MH, 10th mo 11, 1764.

82-3 1770-2-27 John Harry married contrary to discipline offered an account

302-3 (1779), John Harry of Plymouth disowned for marriage contrary to discipline and paying a military fine

John W. Harry, b. 12, 7, 1849, son of Benjamin and Lydia W.

62-5 1788-9-23 Lettitia Harry and 2 children, David Jones Harry and Rees Harry received in membership on request

Lydia - see David Harry above for examples of her signing marriage certificates as an elder or overeer...

2mo., 1726. "5th Plymouth ffriends appointed Last meeting Lydia Harry and Jane Pugh as overseers to take care of truths affairs and this meeting approves of them"

30th of the 3rd month 1727 - "6th Isaac Willing [sic, believe this is Malin] and Jane Pugh declared their Intentions of marriage the first time - Lydia Harry and Hannah Rees are appointed to Inspect into her Clearness and Conversation and report the same att next monthly meeting"

28th of 6th month 1727 - "2nd Lidia Harry and Elizabeth Roberts are Chosen by Plymouth Preparative Meeting to be Overseers" -- "3rd Lidia Harry, Hannah Rees and Elizabeth Roberts are by this meeting appointed to give an account of the life and Conversation of Jane Melin and Ann Rogers to the men ffriends in order to draw a Certificate Accordingly against the next Meeting."

96-1 1743-4 (June)-23 Lydia Harry Married contrary to discipline. "Att our monthly Meeting held att Gwynedd the 23 of the 4 mo 1743, women's minutes - the friends appointed to speak to Lydia Harry concerning her going out in marriage but was detained by sickness." The previous month the Christ Church records show this marriage:  1743, May 14, Lydia Harry and Philip Thomas.

1742 - Lydia and David Harry sign marriage certificate:  Henry Cunrad of Upper Dublin, m. Jane Jones of Whitemarsh, 18, 9mo., 1742 at Plymouth MH. Wit. Col 1. Edward Stroud, Cath. Stroud, John Jarett, Jacob Cadwalader, Dennis Cunrad, Ann Cunrad, John Cunrad, Henry Cunrad, Wm Atkinson, Cornelius Cunrad, James Stroud, Peter Matson. Col 2. David Harry, Thos Potts, Robert Roger, Wm Trotter, John Trotter, Joseph Trotter, Thomas Bartholomew, Hannaniah Pugh, Nathan Potts, Mishall Pugh, Lydia Harry, Moses Meredith, Joseph Jones.

Radnor MM records: Musgrave Evans, Philadelphia, cooper s/o Evan dec'd of Gwynedd m. Lydia Harry d/o Samuel of Radnor at Radnor meeting house, 12th mo 12, 1753

38-1 Margaret Harry daughter of Rees and Mary d. 5-7-1745. She was one of first victims of the epidemic of 1745.

39-1 1729-9-25 - "Mary Harry having produced a certificate from Haverford Monthly Meeting which gave a good account of her Life and Conversation which was read and well approved of."

31 of 6 mo 1731 - "Abraham Dawes and Mary Harry declared their intention of Marriage with each other the first time - this Meeting appoints Ellin Meredith and Rachel Potts to inspect into her Clearness and conversation and bring report thereof next Meeting." Second intentions: 22 of 7 mo 1731.

121-1 1731-8-20 Mary Harry: Abraham Daws, s/o Abraham of Whitemarsh married Mary Harry, daughter of David Harry, 17, 8th mo. 1731 at Plymouth MH. Wit. Page 1 (under bride and groom): Edith Daws, David Harry, Liddia Harry, David Pwel. Page 2. Col 1. Rees Thomas, Jno Caddr, Edward Farmar, Jno Evans, Thos ffoulk, Wm Trotter Jona Robeson, Caleb Rees, Joshua Dickinson. Col 2. Rees Wms, Eliz Wms, Isaac Wms, Joseph Wms, Sarah Wms, Edward Daws, Rees Wms Jr., Jno Robt, Mary Robt, Adren Daws, Hannah Daws, Mary Daws, Eliza Daws, Col 3. Joseph Daws, Francis Daws, Saml Powel, Lewis Lewis, Mary Lewis, Saml Harry, Eliz Harry, Rees Harry, Mary Harry, David Harry, Thos Rees, Margt Rees, Wm Thomas, Eliza Thomas, Sarah Daws, Sarah Daws, Rachel Farmer.

1733, Mary Harry signs the marriage certificate of John Jones and Gainor Humphrey (see Gainor Harry above) with Gainor, Rees and John Harry.

Mary Harry, 29 of the 9 mo 1748, women's minutes - "Phineas Griffith and Margarett Luckin declared their intentions of marriage with each other the first time. Mary Evans and Mary Harry are appointed to make necesaary inquiries into her Clearness and Conversation and bring report thereof to the next monthly meeting."

2-5 1786-4-25 Mary Harry granted certificate to Chester MM

136-2 1755-4-29 Rachel Harry married out of unity and offered an account

Rachel Harry signs as a relative on this marriage certificate:  Joseph Williams of Whitemarsh married Martha Bevan of Merion 5mo., 4, 1758 at Radnor Meeting House. Wit: Richard & Martha Bevan, John & Catherine Jones, Ann Trotter, William & Jane Rakestraw, Mary Bevan, Rachel Harry, Robert and Ruth Jones, John Rees, John Harry, Mary Rees, Joseph Trotter Jr., John Martin, Phineas Jones etc.

103-1 1727-8-31 Rees Harry granted certificate to Haverford MM to marry

1727, Rees Harry:  Radnor (then Haverford) MM records: Rees Harry, s/o David of Plymouth, m. Mary Price d/o Rees Price of Haverford, yeoman, at Haverford meeting house, 10th mo 12, 1727, Wit: David, Lydia and Mary Harry; Rees, Edward, Margt. and Isaac Price, etc. . More about the family of Mary Price can be found in Charles Browning's Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania.

1733 - Rees Harry signs wedding certificate of John Jones to Gainor Humphrey (see Gainor Harry above). A Rees Harry also signs (with Barbara Harry, Ellin Harry and John Harry) the certificate of John Jones, Jr., son of John Jones of Germantown who married Tacy Daws daughter of Abram Daws of Whitpain, 12 mo., 2 ,1762, at Plymouth MH.

Rees Harry was a witness for the marriage of Edward Evans of Phila. Co., yeoman to Elizabeth Griffith d/o Evan of same at Gwynedd meeting house, 7th mo 9, 1735, but does not sign among the relatives. Likewise he is a witness at the marriage of Edward Evans of Dublin, Phila. Co., to Elizabeth Jones d/o Humphrey of same at Gwynedd mh, 3rd mo 22, 1746, and signs with the overseers, elders and ministers. He signs the certificate of Jesse Evans s/o Hugh of Gwynedd dec'd who married Catherine Jones d/o John of Horsham at Gwynedd meeting house 4th mo, 19, 1750. Again in the column with the elders he signs the marriage certificate of Daniel Jones s/o Isaac of Montgomery who married Margaret Moore d/o Mordecai of Norriton twp at Plymouth meeting house, 1st mo 10, 1765.

Rees Harry - 25th of the 8th mo 1752 - "5th Owen Roberts being present in this Meeting confesses his being sorry for his giving Friends any trouble in that Rum was used at his Vendue, and this Meeting accepts of it, and on application for a certificate for said Owen and his wife to Buckingham Monthly Meeting, Rees Harry and Amos Griffith are desired to make the necessary inquiry and draw one." -- "11th A complaint being exhibeted by our Overseers to this Meeting on account of difference between Jeptha Lewis and Rees Harry about a Ditch and Fence, which is referred to the next Monthly Meeting. accordingly." The Meeting continued to investigate this complaint which can be found HERE.

26th of the 12th mo. 1752. "3rd Rees Harry and Ellin Roberts declared their Intentions of Marriage with each other the first time. John Jones and Thomas Foulke are appointed to see it orderly accomplished, inspect into his clearness, and also to inspect her Affairs relating to the Estate of her Minor Children, and Report as they find to our next Meeting." Second intentions: 30th of the 1st Mo. 1753.

1753-2-27 Rees Harry and Ellin Roberts reported married. [Ellin is the widow of Aubrey Roberts and the daughter of David Jones of Blockley and the sister of Isaac Jones of Montgomery]

1762- Rees Harry (with Ellin Harry) signs as a relative: Abraham Shoemaker of Germantown, s/o Abraham (dec'd) of Bristol twp., Philadelphia Co., m. Lydia Dawes, d/o Abraham of Whitpain, 3 6th mo. 1762 at Plymouth. Under bride and groom: Abraham Dawes, Hannah Dawes, Saml Spencer, Mary Spencer, Rees Harry, Ellin Harry, Edith Daws, Mary Daws, Tacy Daws, Judith Daws, Elisabeth Daws, Rachel Daws, Geo SHoemaker, Benj Shoemaker, Anthony Williams, etc.

18-3 1767-10-27 Rees Harry disowned [not sure if Jr. or Sr.]

1774, Rees Harry signed with the non-relatives at the marriage of Joseph Jones of Plymouth who married Hannah Bell of Whitemarsh, 8, 9 mo., 1774 at Plymouth MH

1787 - Rees Harry is buried at Gwynedd Friends Meeting (date from the stone). There is a second R. Harry buried next to him with no date on the stone.

277-5 1796-12-27 Rees Harry granted certificate to Philadelphia MM Northern District

332-5 1800-5-27 Reese, received on certificate from Philadelphia MM Northern District

357-5 1801-6-30 Rees disowned for marriage contrary to discipline

201-6 1835-7-30 Rees disowned for joining the Hicksites

Samuel Harry was a witness for the marriage of Robert Jones of Lower Merion m. Margaret Evans, widow of Gwynedd at Radnor mh, 11th mo 5, 1747. Wit. Col 1. Evan Jenkin, William Thomas, Samuel Harry, Joseph Jones, William Foulke, Jacob Jones, Amos Roberts, Rowland Evans. Col 2. (under groom and bride): Benjamin Davids, Ann Davids, Robert Roberts, Robert Evans, Edward Evans, Elizabeth Evans, Jesse Evans, Thomas Evnas, Gainor Jones, Riu? Beavan, Joseph Williams.

This Samuel Harry appears to be another son of David Harry, who apparently remained on his tract in Radnor after David and Lydia removed to Whitemarsh. Samuel's marriage is recorded in the Radnor (then Haverford) MM minutes: 3, 7, 1724. Samuel Harry of Radnor, yeoman married Elizabeth Thomas, daughter of Rees Thomas, at Radnor Meeting. Wit: David, Lydia, Elizabeth and Mary Harry; Rees, Martha, William and Rees, Jr. Thomas, etc.

Radnor (then Haverford) MM:  William Harris, son of David and Ginnis Harry b. 1 mo. 5, 1699. Apparently David m. Ginnis (or Genesis) before Lydia (see also Elizabeth Harry above)...

Part 2. Will Abstracts, Tax Records, Militia Rosters, Deeds

1814 - ANN HARRY, Gwynedd. January 29, 1814. December 2, 1817. 5.18, Montgomery Co., PA will book 5
To Dr. Curtis Evans, son of niece Ruth Evans, all real estate, containing 50 acres subject to the payment of 40 pds. To niece Ruth Evans, sherry table stand. To niece Mary Evans, looking glass. Remainder of household goods to be divided equally among nieces: Mary, Ruth, and Rebecca. Rem. of estate divided equally among nephew Owen Evans and his sisters Mary and Rebecca, each. 40 pds. to Samuel Walter grandson to niece Rebecca, at 21.
Exec: Dr. Curtis Evans.
Wit: Job Roberts, William Walter.

Note: After Ann died 228 acres of the Rees Harry land were sold to Samuel Maulsby who in 1833 sold it to Thomas Smith.

1776 - Benjamin Harry, Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia County tax list. single man with no property assessed.

about 1780 - Benjamin Harry, Gwynedd twp., Captain Bloom's Company, Upper Division of Gwynedd, Fines for failure to Muster or March - 20 pounds (not fined maximum 37 pounds 10 s).

1810 - BENJAMIN HARRY, Gwynedd. April 23, 1810. May 28, 1810. Montgomery Co. will book 3.226
To niece Mary Evans, 150 pds. To niece Ruth Evans, 350 pds. To niece Rebecca Evans, 150 pds. To niece Ann Evans, 150 pds. To Curtis son of niece Ruth, 200 pds. To sister Ann, use of personalty, and real estate except what is given to sister Lydia, 31 acres after her death to her children. To niece Mary Lukens, $20. To relative Lydia Gibson, 150 pds. To nephew of George Roberts, to niece Jane Castner, to children of niece Ann Wilson, to niece Sidnah Roberts, 1/5 part all sale of real estate after the death of sister Ann, the other 1/5 part to George Roberts, to use for the support of nephew Robert Roberts. One other of the 3 equal parts divided into 4 equal parts, one to nephew David Harry, one to nephew Rees Harry, one to niece Mary Fairlamb, one to nephew David Harry for the maintenance and support of niece Sarah Lukens. Rem. of 3rd. part divided into 6 equal parts. One to niece Mary Evans, one to nephew Owen Evans, one to niece Ruth Evans, one to niece Rebecca Evans (her dau. Mary Hockley 150 pounds), one to niece Ann Evans, one to children of nephew Reese Evans.
Execs: George Roberts, Owen Roberts, David Harry.
Wit: Samuel Thomas, Cadwalder Evans.Died unmarried leaving a large estate in which his sister Ann had a life right (Howard Jenkins, 1897).

1700 - David Harry buys 1250 acres from Thomas Farmer. Deed is found on USGenweb HERE. Apparently he does not remove from Radnor to Whitemarsh until 1725 (date of certificate to Gwynedd MM).

1730 - David Harry, deed. Elwood Roberts: "The next deed in the order of time is from William Lawrence to David Harry of Whitemarsh; Rees Williams, Hugh Jones and Joseph Jones of Plymouth, and Abraham Dawes. Jr., of Whitemarsh. The date is December 2, 1730, and the price of land five shillings, a merely nominal consideration as we make use of "one dollar" at the present time; The description follows: A certain piece or parcel of Land Situate lying and being in the Township of Whitemarsh aforesaid Beginning at a corner Stone Standing in a corner where the Roads leading to Robert Jones's Mill and Pertaomy [Perkiomen] Cross each other in Plymouth line thence Southwest along the said Plymouth line Thirty five perches to a corner Stone then Southeast nine perches to another corner Stone then Northeast thirty five perches to another corner Stone Standing by the said Road leading from Philadelphia to Pertaomy then along the said Road Northwesterly five perches to the place of Beginning containing near Two Acres part of four hundred Acres Conveyed by the aforesaid David Harry to the said William Lawrence his heirs and Assigns forever." Note in 1738 there is a similar deed which can be found in the same reference.

1776 - David Harry, Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia County. single man with no property assessed.

about 1780 - David Harry, Gwynedd twp., Captain Bloom's Company, Upper Division of Gwynedd, Fines for failure to Muster or March - 20 pounds (not fined maximum 37 pounds 10 s).

1788 - DAVID HARRY, Gwynedd, Montgomery Co., PA will book 1a, November 11, 1788. January 19, 1791. 1.238
To 2 sisters and brother, Sarah Roberts, Lydia Evans and John Harry, 25 pds. each. To 2 other sisters Jane and Ann, 15 pds. each riding mare. Rem. to brother Benjamin.
Exec: Brother Benjamin Harry.
Wit: Owen Thomas, Evan Thomas.

1832, 1834 - David Harry was with others made a commissioner for a bridge over Matson's Ford and a turnpike running from the bridge to Germantown Pike.

1792 - JANE HARRY, Gwynedd. December 13, 1792. November 26, 1801. 2.233, Montgomery Co., PA, will book 2a
To sister Ann Harry, all estate.
Exec: Sister Ann.
Wit: Joseph Lewis, James Lowry.

1769 - A John Harry is listed with 15 acres, 1 cow and 1 horse in the Whitpain twp. tax list.

about 1778 - John Harry listed in Capt. Samuel Hines militia roster for Montgomery township, Philadelphia County. This John Harry has a brother Thomas (see below) and has a child named Benjamin and perhaps Elizabeth (see will of Thomas Harry below). His parents are apparently living in 1800. A description of the farm of this John Harry (unrelated I think to the Rees Harry clan) was given by Ellwood Roberts and is found HERE. This farm was situated near the south corner of Montgomery township. It fronted, in Ellwood Roberts' time, the township line road midway between Steever's mill and the Horsham road. His children took the last name Harris.

1785 - John Harry is on the Militia roster for Whitemarsh twp. as a Private under Capt. Henry Katz.

1800 - JOHN HARRY, Whitemarsh twp., June 26, 1800. August 18, 1800. 2.164, Montgomery Co., PA will abstract
To wife Latitia, household goods. Rem. of personalty to be sold and also realty. To wife, 30 pds. yearly. To son David, 30 pds. To sons David and Rees, 700 pds. each. To 2 daughters Mary Fairlamb and Sarah Lukens, interest of 500 pds.; at their death to be paid to their children. Rem. of estate 1/2 to sons David and Rees and other half put on interest for 2 daughters Mary and Sarah. At wife's death, principal 600 pds. divided among 4 children.
Execs: Sons David and Rees.
Wit: Samuel Livezey, William Shepherd.

Note: the will of Benjamin Harry names John's sons also, showing that this John Harry is the son of Rees Harry and the father of the David and Rees Harry found in the early 19th century records of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting.

1728 - Rees Harry on the Jury to lay out Meetinghouse Road (currently in Lower Gwynedd township, leading east from the meeting house).

1734 - Rees Harry was on the Philadelphia County tax list for Gwynedd township.

1751 - Rees Harry on the Jury for the revision of Plymouth Road (currently in Lower Gwynedd and Whitpain townships, leading south from the meeting house).

1769 - Rees Harry is the largest land holder (over 500 acres) in Gwynedd township in the 1769 Proprietary tax assessment.

1776 - Rees Harry, Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia County. assessed for 200 acres, 2 horses and 6 cows. Howard Jenkins (1897): "Rees Harry's land included the present farms of Hunter E .Van Leer, Thomas Layman, and T. Peterson, on the Wissahickon, between Mumbower's Mill and North Wales." Rees Harry had at least seven children. His son Rees died prior to 1788 and is not in Rees Sr's will but is on the tax lists as a single man through the 1770s. In Rees Harry Sr.'s "will six children are mentioned: Benjamin, John, David, Jane, Ann, Lydia. Benjamin Harry d. about 1810, unmarried, leaving a large estate, in which his sister Ann had a life right. After her death, in 1822, 228 acres of it were sold to Samuel Maulsby, who in 1833 sold it to Thomas Smith." Rees' property crossed Morris Rd. into Whitpain, spanning the Wissahickon. The Stoney Creek Railroad now runs through the northwest part of it. The house was located about the present day corner of Old Church Rd. and Prospect Ave. in Upper Gwynedd. He had a large stone house which was pulled down in the 19th century, nothing but a Spring House remaining. The land was about a mile wide from the southeast to the northwest. An article in an old newspaper clipping in the Historical Society of Montgomery Co. library says there were two Rees Harrys, and names the following wives: "Ann, Ellen Roberts (m. abt 1752), widow of Aubrey Roberts (who lived in Gwynedd where James McKee lived when the article was written) and Ann again. His children lived on his property after he died. His unmarried daughters Ann and Jane lived in the land that today is to the northeast side of Old Church Rd."

1776 - Rees Harry, Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia County. single man with no property assessed.

about 1780 - Rees Harry, Gwynedd twp., Captain Bloom's Company, Upper Division of Gwynedd, Fines for failure to Muster or March - 15 pounds (not fined maximum 37 pounds 10 s).

1787 - REES HARRY, Gwynedd, Montgomery Co. will book 1a, December 20, 1787. March 11, 1788. 1.134
To daughters Jane and Ann, 100 acres in equal shares, also moneys owing, room furniture and maintenance in charge of son Benjamin. To daughter Lydia, house and lot where she lived. Rem. of land to son Benjamin. To daughter Sarah, 10 pds. to be paid by daughters Jane and Ann and son Benjamin. To son John, 20 s. to be paid by daughter Sarah. To son David and Benjamin, rights in disputed lots, daughters Jane and Ann to share with them. To son Benjamin, live stock, furniture &c.
Execs: Son Benjamin and daughters Jane and Ann.
Wit: Owen Thomas, James Morris, Joseph Lewis.

1769 - Thomas Harry, wheelwright is listed on the Montgomery township tax list.

about 1778 - Thomas Harry listed in Capt. Samuel Hines militia roster for Montgomery township, Philadelphia County along with John Harry.

1793 - THOMAS HARRY, Montgomery township. December 12, 1793. February 21, 1795. 1.434
To brother John Harry's son Benjamin, 20 pds. To George Weaver 10 pds. To niece Elizabeth Harry, rem. of estate. No legacies to be paid until 1 year after of father and mother of testator.
Execs: William Mullin, Cadwallader
Roberts. Wit: Thomas Wilson, Ezekiel Roberts.

Other wills (not surname Harry) naming the Harry family of Gwynedd MM:

Mentions Benjamin Harry

JOHN BURK, Whitpain. July 24, 1791. April 25, 1792. 1.283
Wit: Benjamin Harry, Joseph Lewis.

Mentions David Harry

JOHN BUCKWALTER. Charlestown (Chester County will). June 3, 1772. Codicil October 29, 1774. September 2, 1776.
To 2 sons John and Daniel tract of land bought of John Morgan and David Harry in Charlestown to be valued at £1000. To son David plantation I now live on to be valued at £700. All estate real and personal, land at above valuation to be equally divided between my daughters, viz., Mary Wagoner, Ann Leap, Barbara Kysinger, Susanna Bussard, Louisa Allebach, Elizabeth Gobble, Catherine Latshaw, Magdalena Brower, Esther and Hannah Buckwalter and youngest son Jacob, said son to have £150 more than daughters, daughter Ann Leap's share in trust. Executors: Son John and son-in-law Frederick Bussard.Codicil states "having an inclination to marry a certain Charlotte Slaughter thinks it reasonable to make provision for her after my decease."
Witnesses to codicil: Peter Holman, Jona. Coates, David Longacre, Peter Lester.

FRANCIS COLDY, Whitemarsh, County of Philadelphia. June 17, 1731. December 28, 1744. G.155.
Wife: Mary. Children: No names given.
Exec: Mary Coldy.
Trustees: Joseph Jones and Isaac Price.
Wit: David Harry and Evan Price.

WILLIAM DAVIS, Whippan, Philadelphia County. October 24, 1714. February 10, 1714. D. 27.
Children: William, Mary, Elizabeth, Barbara, Sina, David and John.
Executrix: Wife Mary.
Trustees: Henry Lewis of Haverford and Lumley Williams of Plymouth.
Witnesses: Robert Naylor, Johanna Redwizer, David Harry and William Coulston.

RICHARD MOORE, Radnor Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania.---. October 16, 1715. D. 38.
Wife Phebe, son John, and daughter whose names are not given.
Nuncupative will declared in the hearing of Stephen Evans, David Harry, Rees Thomas. Trustees: "his father David Meredith's brother John Moore, " cousin John Moore and cousin David Jones.

Richard is a step son of David Meredith

ROWLAND PARRY, Haverford, Chester County, Pennsylvania. February 4, 1713/4. November 22, 1737. F.46.
Children: Anne (wife of Hugh Pugh), David and Emma Parry.
Exec: Son John Parry.
Wit: David Harry, Merick Davis and John Moore.

ANN POWELL, Wife of David. Marple. March 4, 1722. March 11, 1722.
To son in law Richard Moris of Springfield and daughter Elizabeth his wife £120, he paying to my husband David Powell, £5 yearly, so long as he continues unmarried and at his decease pay to their 3 daughters, viz, Mary, Elizabeh and Ann £30 each. To son in law Evan Lewis and my daughter Mary his wife £10, they paying to husband £5 yearly. To kinswoman Rachel Merick of Philadelphia £10. To friends John Salkeld, John Lea and Joseph Selby £5 each. To my husbands 2 daughter, viz Lydia wife of David Harry and Mary wife of Lewis Lewis 20 shillings each and to the 2 eldest children of Lewis Lewis, that is Anne and Phineas 10 shillings each. To John Powell of Marple 40 shillings. To granddaughter Hannah, daughter of Evan Lewis, bed etc. Mentions Ann daughter of Evan Lewis. To my husband's son Saml. Powell 20 shillings. Remainder to Elizabeth Mario. Executors: sons in law, Richard Maris and Evan Lewis. Witnesses: John Broomfield, Mary Broomfield, Lidia Thompson.

[JQ- The above Ann Powell is evidently the step mother of Lydia (Powell) Harry, wife of David Harry of Whitemarsh. Ann (Williamson)(Hayes) Powell was first married to Jonathan Hayes.]

JANE QUERK, Philadelphia. Widow. May 8, 1718. May 26, 1718. D. 96.
Joshua Carpenter of Philadelphia, gentleman, Enoch Story. Sarah his wife and their children Patience and Robert; Sarah (wife of Matthew Robinson, turner) and their son David; Elizabeth (daughter of David Powell, surveyor.)
Executors: Enoch Story and Mathew Robinson.
Witnesses: David Harry, Joseph Trotter, John Cadwalader.

HARRY REES, Radnor, Chester Co. February 1, 1704/5. June 30, 1705. C. 1.
Wife Elizabeth. Children David, Gwen and Margaret.
Witnesses: Richard Moore, David Evan.

Note children of above Harry Rees will likely have last name of Harry (Welsh patronomic naming convention). A further indication that this is the father of David Harry is that Harry Rees signs directly above a David Harry on a certificate of clearness for marriage for Rowland Powell and Maud Richard created for Haverford MM. However, there may well be another David Harry (m. Margaret Harry d. 1750, buried Merion MH).

HUGH WILLIAM, White Mass, Co. of Philadelphia. March 16, 1726/7. April 8, 1727. E.30.
Wife: Susanna. Children: Elizabeth Meradith, Catherine Evans, Susanna, William. Grandchildren: Susanna Meradith, John Hugh, June and Elizabeth Meradith Junr., Mary, Jane, Sarra, Susanna and Ann Evans.
Children of Caleop Evans and wife Catherine. Quarterly Collection
Meeting of Radnor and Plymouth.
Exec: Susanna and William Williams.
Wit: Rowland Ellis, David Harry.

LEWIS WILLIAMS, White Marsh, Co. of Philadelphia. Cooper. February 17, 1726/7. March 15, 1726. E.23.
Wife: Jane. Child: Margaret.
Exec: Jane Williams.
Overseers: David Harry, Thomas Lloyd.
Wit: John Moore, George Adams, David Hey.

Mentions John Harry

EDWARD RIGWAY, White Marsh, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. February 10, 1750/1. February 25, 1750/1. J.363.
Wife: Margret. Children: Edward, John, Job, Elizabeth and Hannah.
Brother: Job Ridgway.
Exec: Job Ridgway, Edward Stroud.
Wit: [of unsigned will] Samuel Jones, John Harry, James Johnston.

Mentions Rees Harry

ABRAHAM DAWS, of Whitpain, Phila. Co. Yeoman. 2 mo. 24, 1765. 24 February 1776.
Wit: Rees Harry, Wm. Foulke and Jonathan Roberts.

Abraham Dawes is the brother in law of Rees Harry (m. sister Mary Harry) and is covered in more detail in part 3...

EVAN EVANS, Gwynead, Philadelphia County. Yeoman. 4 mo. 10, 1747. August 3, 1747. H.287.
Exec: Wife Elizabeth and son Jonathan. Children: Abraham, Jonathan, Musgrave, David, Daniel and Barbara. Uncle: Jonathan Corkshaw.
Brother: Owen Evans.
Overseers: Cousin Thomas Evans and William Foulke.
Wit: John Thomas, Rees Harry and John Evans.
Codicil dated 5 mo. 3, 1747.
Wit: Robert Evans and John Evans.

EDWARD JONES, Radnor, Co. of Chester Pennsylvania. Tayler. 7 mo. 11, 1726/7. November 19, 1726. E.9.
Wife: Magdalen. Children: John and Rees (in Great Britain).
Friend: Mary Lewis.
Exec: Rees Thomas, Jenkin David, Saml. Harry.
Wit: Herbert Thomas, Rees Harries, John Abst.

JOHN JONES, Philadelphia County. 12 mo. 1, 1739. January 16, 1746. H.201.
Cousins: Rees Price, David Evans, Margaret Evans, Rees Harry and Mary Harry.
Sister: Mary (surname not given).
Exec: Rees Harry.
Wit: Hugh Jones and John Evans.

RANDALL OSBORN, Whitpain. Phila. Co. 1 mo. 6, 1748/9. 2 February 1771.
Nephews and Nieces: Richard and Nicholas Osborn. Mary Evans, Elizabeth Osborn.
Execs.: Nicholas Osborn, Thomas Evans, Jr.
Overseers: William Foulke, Rees Harry.
Wit: Jesse Evans, Jno. Evans, John Chillcot. P.48.

REESE PRICE, Merion, Province of Penna. Yeoman. February 29, 1760. May 12, 1760. L.443.
Wife: Ann.
Children: John, Edward, Mary Harry, Ellis, Margaret Paschall, Jane and Ellias.
Grandchildren: Children of Mary Harry and children of Margaret Paschall.
Daughter-in-Law: Mary Price.
Exec: Ellias and John Price, John Roberts.
Wit: Robert Roberts, John Roberts, John Roberts [carpenter].

The above is presumably the father in law of the Rees Harry who marries Mary Price... Thomas Allen Glenn, Merion in the Welsh Tract, p. 97: "Rees Price, born 1678, in Penllyn, married first, at Radnor 10 mo., 6, 1705, Sarah Meredith; secondly, at Haverford, 10mo. 9, 1737, Ann Scotharn (widow), of Darby. he had issue: 1. Edward, 2. John, 3. Ellis, 4. Mary m. Rees Harry son of David of Plymouth, 5. Margaret, 6. Jane. -- footnote, p 97: It may be noted here that there was another Rees Price, who was among the first settlers in Radnor, and who died about the beginning of the eighteenth century, who should not be confused with Rees Price, of Merion, son of Edward, to whom he was not related in any way."

mentions Samuel Harry

THOMAS REES, Merion, Province of Pennsylvania. September 10, 1742. February 12, 1742. G.30.
Children: William, Rees, Thomas, Richard, Elizabeth Harry, wife of Saml. Harry. Grandchildren: Rees Thomas, Letitia.
Exec: Wm. Thomas.,Robt. Jones Sr., Thomas Thomas, Griffith Lewellin.
Wit: G. Lewellin, Robert Jones and Peter Jones.

DAVID THOMAS, Gwynead, Philadelphia County. Yeoman. April 29, 1732. June 11, 1737. F.38.
Wife: Name not given.
Children: Elizabeth Roberts, Martha Jones, Rachel Davis and David.
Exec: His son David Thomas.
Trustees: Thomas Thomas, Rees Thomas and William Thomas.
Wit: Rees Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas and Samuel Harry.

Amos Roberts m. Sarah Harry, daughter of Rees Harry and Mary Price

October 06, 1750 - Marriage license issued by Pennsylvania Governor James Hamilton.

1776 tax list, Gwynedd, Philadelphia Co., PA - Amos Roberts 189 acres, 3 horses, 8 cows - note says he has 9 children

Amos Roberts' ancestry and descendants are covered on a separate web page. Amos lived at the site of the log home of Robert Evan, one of the original settlers of Gwynedd. The property ownership went as follows: Robert Evans --> Hugh Evans (m. Margaret) who sold it to Amos Roberts. Amos on his death in 1792 passed it to his son George (m. Rachel), who sold it in 1835 to John Searl. A pictorial essay about this house can be found HERE.

Montgomery Co., PA will book 1b
AMOS ROBERTS, Gwynedd. August 22, 1785. December 21, 1792. 1.322
To wife Sarah, room, furniture, maintenance, &c. To son Rees, 12 pds. yearly during his mother's life, after that 18 pds. To sons Robert and Charles, 400 pds.
To 5 daughters: Mary, Jane, Ann, Sydney and Sarah, 5 pds. equally. To son George, farm, 180 acres, unmarried sisters to live with him; otherwise he to pay them 200 pds. Rem. divided among 7 children.
Execs: Wife Sarah, son George Roberts.
Wit: George Maris, John Evans.

Samuel Evans (son of Owen) m. Lydia Harry, daughter of Rees Harry and Mary Price

He owned the place where his grandfather Thomas had lived (stone house still stands, near the corner of Sumneytown Pike and Upper Valley Rd., next to Evans Run).

Howard Jenkins: "Samuel Evans (son of Owen and Ruth) was a teacher "at North Wales," towards the close of the last century. A school was kept under the oversight of the Friends, at the meeting-house, at least as early as 1793. Joseph Foulke, in a manuscript furnished the writer in 1859, recalled the following facts:

"My earliest recollection of schools which I attended was at Gwynedd meeting. There was no house for the purpose, but what was called "the little meeting-house" was used. An old tottering man by the name of Samuel Evans was the teacher. The reading books were the Bible and Testament; we had Dilworth's Spelling-Book, and Dilworth's Assistant (or Arithmetic). Grammar was a thing hardly thought of; there was however a small part of the spelling-book called "A New Guide to the English Tongue," and a few of the older pupils learned portions of this, by rote, and would occasionally recite to the master, but the substance appeared to be equally obscure both to master and scholar."

The births of the children of Samuel and Lydia Evans are in the Gwynedd MM records: Mary 2-8-1754, Owen 7-15-1756, Rees 12-?-1758, and Ruth 5-7-1762,

This is likely the will abstract of Owen Evans b. 1756:

OWEN EVANS, Whitpain. March 3, 1816. September 9, 1820. Montgomery Co., PA will book 5.239
To Dr. Curtis [Evans], one share, and gold buttons. To Mary Davis, feather bed, etc.
Rem. of estate to sister Rebecca.
Execs: Rebecca Evans, and Benjamin Morgan.
Wit: David Styer, William Walter.

Part 3. Genealogical Outline of the Harry family of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting

The following genealogy follows a line given in Bios: Vol 1 - Part 13: pp. 270 - 294: Ellwood Roberts' Biographical Annals, 1904: Montgomery Co, PA, contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Joe Patterson and Susan Walters. To wit: "The founder of the family in America was David Harry, a native of Wales, who came to Pennsylvania and settled in Whitemarsh, in what was then Philadelphia county, about 1698. He was married in 1699 to Lydia Powell, of Philadelphia, who was the daughter of David Powell. They were married at Germantown Friends Meeting House, December 2, 1699. David Harry purchased from Thomas Farmer, in 1700, one thousand two hundred and fifty acres of land situated in Whitemarsh. His son Rees was born in 1701, and married Mary Price of Haverford, October 12, 1727, in Haverford Friends Meeting House. He died in 1787, aged eighty-six years. He had a son, John, who was born October 14, 1736. He married Alice Meredith in 1768, and died August 12, 1800. His second wife was Letitia Jones, a widow, and they had one son, Rees Harry, who was the grandfather of Edwin Morris Harry." More details on the genealogy of Edwin Morris Harry is found in the above link.

Generation 1: David Harry married 1699 at Germantown MH, Lydia Powell

Lydia was the daughter of David Powell, appointed deputy surveyor by Thomas Holme, the surveyor-general of the province of Pennsylvania, on 8 Oct. 1683 (Bean). Her mother was Margaret, first wife of David Powell who died in 1694 according to the records of Philadelphia MM. More on David Powell can be found HERE [second marriage to Mary, widow of David Havard in 1707] and in the will of Ann, his third wife, HERE. Powell surveyed a fair amount of the Skippack and Perkiomen Creek valleys settled by the Mennonites, and some of Towamencin and much of Richland, Bucks among other places.

There is some evidence for David Harry's father being named Harry Rees and his mother may have been named Elizabeth (see will and discussion of Harry Rees above), however this is inconclusive and there is another David Harry proposed as the son of Harry Rees in The Incompleted Burial Records of Merion (PA) Meeting Grave-yard by Margaret B. Harvey, (d. 1912) (transcribed by Elizabeth Hanebury from an unpublished manuscript) found on USGenWeb. Details of other Merion, Haverford and Radnor township Harry families can be found here and there in the same reference.

There is a Genesis who was married to a David Harry who lived in Radnor. She left a will in Newtown township in 1727 in Chester County as Jenesis Longworthy, widow of John Longworthy and was married first to a different David Harry of the same generation as this one (and names most of her children in her will.)

Children of David and Lydia:

2. Elizabeth Harry m. William Thomas (1701-1776), the brother of Elizabeth Thomas who married Samuel Harry (see below for more details). This family had at least 9 children associated with the Merion township and the Main Line. Since her whole family signs the marriage certificate with William Thomas and they name children Lydia, Rees and David this is certain to be the right Elizabeth (and the Elizabeth Harry who marries Philip Evans of Aston belongs to a different Harry family - Elizabeth Evans is in the will of Genesis Longworthy mentioned above).

3. Samuel Harry m. 1724 Elizabeth Thomas (daughter of Rees Thomas and Martha Aubrey - Martha Aubrey's brother William married Letitia Penn, the daughter of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania). [Samuel Harry's family remains in Radnor twp. and he had at least two children: (1) Aubrey Harry (1729-1795), an innkeeper who was a suspected Loyalist, acquitted of treason by a jury in the Revolution, he married Sarah Bonsall and had at least 5 children, and (2) Lydia Harry who married Musgrave Evans of the Gwynedd Evans family with numerous descendants some on the Whig side in the Revolution.]

4. Rees Harry m. 1727 Mary Price (see below)

5. Mary Harry (b. 1706) m. 1731 Abraham Dawes (1704-1776, son of Abraham Dawes and Edith Ellis)

Will abstract of ABRAHAM DAWS, of Whitpain, Phila. Co. Yeoman. 2 mo. 24, 1765. 24 February 1776.
Wife: Hannah.
Children: Edith, Mary (wife of Robt. Tutniss), Tacey (wife of John Jones), Judith, Elizabeth and Rachel.
Grandson: Samuel, son of Abraham Shewmaker.
Execs.: Robert Tutniss (hatter), son in law Abraham Shewmaker (shop keeper), and John Jones, Jr. (tanner).
Wit: Rees Harry, Wm. Foulke and Jonathan Roberts.
Codicil. January 16, 1769.
Wit: Samuel Morris, Wm. Foulke and Edward Morgan.
Exec.: son in law Jonathan Paul.

Abraham Daws was the first Justice of the Peace for Whitpain township. When Mary died he married (2) Hannah. As far as we know all of Abraham's children are by Mary.

Abraham's house, Dawesfield, still stands on Lewis Lane in Whitpain township. His daughter Elizabeth married James Morris (son of Joseph Morris), of the Anthony Morris line and lived in the house during the Revolution after the death of Abraham Dawes. Other children: Lydia Dawes m. Abraham Shoemaker; Mary Dawes m. Robert Tuckniss; Tacey Dawes m. John Jones (son of John Jones and Elizabeth Hudson); Rachel Dawes m. Samuel Morris (son of Daniel Morris and Tacey Owen of the Morris Morris line.)

Related lines found on the Gwynedd web site: Francis Dawes was the brother of Abraham Dawes Sr. (m. Edith Ellis). Francis m. Margaret Griffith and his daughter, Mary Dawes m. John Roberts of Abington and these families lived in Montgomery township. Francis' daughter Catherine m. James Wood and they founded the Wood family of Plymouth Meeting. Abraham Dawes Sr. and Edith Ellis had a daughter Mary who married Samuel Spencer (1699-1777) the founder of the Spencer family of Upper Dublin.

6. John Harry m. 1744 Barbara Evans [presumably John lived in Whitemarsh, but I have found no offspring for him. He may be deceased when Barbara asks for a certificate to Haverford.]

7. Lydia Harry m. 14 May, 1743 (at Christ Church, Philadelphia) Philip Thomas. [alternatively the Lydia Harry who marries Philip Thomas is Lydia the widow of David Harry - as of yet I know nothing further...] This Philip Thomas is probably the son of Griffith Thomas and Margaret William who emigrated from Caermarthenshire, Wales to Plymouth township about 1715. They were Baptists and this family is heavily associated with the early history of the Baptist Church in Tredyffrin township (Great Valley.) Griffith Thomas names a son Philip in his Plymouth township will (Philadelphia will book J.350.)

Generation 2: Rees Harry (#5) married 1727 (1) Mary Price (daughter of Rees Price and Sarah David; Rees Price the son of Edward Rees b. Ciltalgarth, Llanfor, Merionethshire, Wales and Mably Owen); Rees Harry also married 1753 (2) Ellin Jones (widow of Aubrey Roberts, and daughter of David Jones and Katherine of Blockley twp.)

note: Howard Jenkins wanted to put an additional Rees Harry here but the wills of the brothers and sisters of John (born 1736) naming his children make it clear that the genealogy given in Ellwood Roberts' biography above is correct. Rees Harry is buried at Gwynedd Meeting.

Children of Rees Harry and Mary Price:

8. John Harry born 1736 married (1) Alice Meredith (daughter of Moses Meredith and Mary Pennell) of Chester MM and (2) Letitia (widow of a Jones). He is of Whitemarsh in his will and may have inherited some of the land of his grandfather David Harry in Whitemarsh.

9. David Harry died apparently unmarried with no children (Gwynedd will probated 1791.)

10. Lydia Harry married Samuel Evans, probably the son of Owen and Ruth (Miles) Evans, the marriage taking place at Christ Church, Philadelphia on November 19, 1752 - see Evans genealogy for details...

11. Ann Harry died apparently unmarried with no children (Gwynedd will probated 1817.)

12. Sarah Harry married Amos Roberts - see Roberts genealogy for details...

13. Rees Harry, died before his father wrote his will, apparently unmarried with no children (buried at Gwynedd Meeting.)

14. Benjamin Harry, died apparently unmarried with no children (Gwynedd will probated 1810.)

Generation 3. John Harry (son of Rees, #9) married (1) Alice Meredith (mother of first three children) in 1768 or 1769 and (2) Latitia or Letitia (mother of Rees Harry)

15. Mary Harry b. 22 Dec. 1769, married Robert Fairlamb b. 1770 - Robert and Mary are buried at Chester MH. They had 10 children.

16. David Harry m. Ann Davis b. September 09, 1786, d. Nov. 21, 1831 - they had 5 children named Samuel D. (b. 1806, d. 1836), Benjamin (b. 1809, married December 7, 1836, Lydia Wood, daughter of James Wood and Ann Warner), Rees (b. 1812), Mary F. (b. 1815, married Joseph Yerkes), and David (b. 1817, d. 1825).

17. Sarah Harry married Jacob Lukens (son of Matthias Lukens and Elizabeth Clayton) - they had at least 4 children (Benjamin, Harry, Clayton and Alice).

18. Rees Harry married Mary Snyder - had 12 children - see Ellwood Roberts' biography of grandson for more