Historical Collections Relating to Gwynedd

By Howard M. Jenkins

Second Edition


Chapter 26. Genealogical Details Concerning Early Families

Table of Contents: MORGAN; CLEAVER; JONES-LEWIS; SPENCER; JENKINS; HOXWORTH; CASTNER; ROBERTS; JONES [Note: genealogies of the Foulke, Evans, Roberts, Jenkins Morgan , Griffith, Hugh, Pugh, Morris, William John, and Humphrey families are also given elsewhere]



The first settler in Gwynedd or its vicinity, named Morgan, was Edward. He seems to have been here as early as 1704, as the road upward through Gwynedd, made that year, was to go as far as his place [now Sumneytown Pike]. He was a tailor by trade, a Welshman by birth, no doubt, and was probably advanced in years when he came. He had lived, previously, near Philadelphia. In February, 1708, he bought 300 acres of land in what is now Towamencin, of Griffith Jones, merchant, Philadelphia. The tract lay along William John's [Jones] land, and was therefore on the township line. In 1714 he bought 500 acres more, near by, of George Claypoole, of Philadelphia, who, like Griffith Jones, was a speculative holder of the Towamencin lands. By 1713 he had apparently moved to Montgomery; in the deed from Claypoole he is described as "yeoman, of Montgomery." [see Edward Morgan descendancy][Edward Morgan's log home still stands - here is a link: ( http://www.morganloghouse.org]

Edward Morgan no doubt had several children. His sons probably received and held his Towamencin lands. In the list of 1734, for that township, there appear: Joseph Morgan, 200 acres; Daniel Morgan, 200; John Morgan 100. In 1727, Morgan Morgan, of Towamencin, died, leaving a will, in which he mentions his wife Dorothy, his brothers Joseph, John and William, his two sons Edward and Jesse (both minors), and his niece Elizabeth, John's daughter.

In the marriage lists previously given will be found the following marriages of probable sons and daughters of Edward Morgan:

1710: Elizabeth Morgan m. Cadwallader Morris

1713: Margaret Morgan m. Samuel Thomas

1713: William Morgan m. Elizabeth Roberts

1718: Daniel Morgan m. Elizabeth Roberts

1720: Squire Boone m. Sarah Morgan [parents of Daniel Boone, the pioneer]

1721: John Morgan m. Sarah Lloyd

1728: Joseph Morgan m. Elizabeth Lloyd

1731: William Morgan, widower, m. Cath. Robeson

That all these were children of the first Edward Morgan is not certain, but probable. (Several of them are designated as son, or daughter "of Edward", as will be seen by reference to the list.

Daniel Morgan, named above, who m. Elizabeth Roberts, was a minister among Friends. He d. 7th mo. 6, 1773, having a stroke or paralysis some time before. A memorial concerning him says he was born in the district of Moyamensing (Philadelphia) in 1691, but that "while still young his parents removed to Gwynedd, then just being settled." His wife was also a preacher; her memorial says she was born in Wales, came over while young, appeared in the ministry after her marriage, went to England, in 1743, on a religious visit, in company with Susanna Morris, and remained two years, visiting most of the meetings in Great Britain. In her old age, she was injured by the fall from her horse. She d. 11th mo. 14th, 1777, in her 88th year. (Her children, Benjamin and Ruth, are named in the Roberts genealogy).



The Cleaver family of Gwynedd and Montgomery are the descendants of Peter Klever, one of the early German settlers at Germantown. He was, no doubt, one of the company that included the Shoemakers, the Lukenses, the Conrads, and others of the Quaker immigrants, who came from the lower Rhine, after the arrival of Pastorius and the earliest of the settlers. He is on the record as having been naturalized, as of Germantown, in 1691, and he died in Bristol (adjoining Germantown) in 1727, leaving children: Isaac, John, Peter jr., Derrick, and Agnes, besides two married daughters, Christiana Melchior, and Eve Adams. Isaac, the eldest son, had land in Cheltenham, and probably removed there; John received his father's place in Bristol township, and had a family, including Elizabeth, Peter, William, Sarah, John and Hannah; while Peter Cleaver, jr., removed to Upper Dublin, and was there before 1734, as he is returned in the list of that year as owner of 100 acres of land.

This Peter Cleaver, jr., of Upper Dublin, is frequently mentioned as a road juror, etc. His wife's name was Elizabeth [Potts, d/o David Potts and Alice Croasdale]. He died in 1776, and mentions in his will his sons John, Isaac, Ezekiel, Peter, and Nathan, and his daughter Elizabeth. The last married John Roberts, son of John, of Whitpain; while her brother Nathan married Ruth Roberts, a daughter of John, and removed to Montgomery, where he bought 137 acres which had been part of the Isaac Jones property, in the extreme lower end of the township. His children were: Phoebe, who m. Amos Griffith; David, Jonathan, who m. Ann Jones; Nathan jr., who m. Martha Shoemaker; Salathiel, who m. Mary Shoemaker. (Of these sons Jonathan had one son, Elias who m. Anne Acuff; Nathan had three children: David, Jesse Rebecca; and Salathiel had six children: Lydia, Nathan, Josiah, Daniel, Silas, John).

Ezekiel Cleaver, named above (son of Peter, of Upper Dublin), m. Mary Lewis, dau. of Ellis Lewis, 2nd, and his wife Mary. From this couple are descended another branch of the family, including Ezekiel, Solomon, and Ellis, all formerly well-known residents of Gwynedd, now deceased. [Editor's note - During the Revolution, Gwynedd Meeting frequently called upon Ezekiel Cleaver to perform the overseer's duties of interceding with Quakers who acted contrary to Friends Principles. Along with his son of the same name he was fined 37.10.0 (the maximum amount) for missing militia musters in Gwynedd twp. I suspect it is his home that still stands on Old Bethlehem Pike across the road from the township building adjacent to John Humphrey's bridge. On the 1848/9 map this is occupied by his grandson Ezekiel. See also the 1850 census of Gwynedd township which lists grandsons Ezekiel, Solomon and Ellis, sons of Ellis Cleaver.]


John Jones, carpenter, of Montgomery, came into the township from Merion, about 1710. He married at Gwynedd meeting-house, 4th mo. 9, 1713, Jane Edward, daughter of Edward Griffith. Both were valued members of the Society of Friends, and there are memorials of them by Gwynedd Monthly Meeting, - that of Jane Jones in the printed collection of 1787, and that of her husband unpublished. John Jones was a prominent, active, and valuable citizen, in his day. He owned a large property, including what in modern times has been two farms, lying in Montgomery, above the State roade, along the Gwynedd line. His home was on the upper farm (formerly belonging to Edwin Moore), and part of the house is said to have been built by him with bricks which he made on the premises.

This Jones Jones was the son of Rees John William, repeatedly mentioned in this volume, and particularly described in the foot-note 1 at end of chapter, p. 96. The record of Rees John's children, from Haverford m.m., shows that his son John was born 4th mo., 6, 1688. He was therefore 22 when he came to Montgomery, and 25 when he was married. His children were: Hannah who m. William Foulke; Catharine, d. in infancy; Margaret, b. 1717, d. 1745; Priscilla, b. 1719, d. 1742, m. Evan Jones of Merion; Evan (see below); Jesse (see below); Katharine, b. 1726, d. 1741; Jane b. 1728, d. 1806; Benjamin, d. in childhood; Ruth, d. in infancy. John Jones, carpenter, the father, d. 12th mo. 30, 1774. His wife, Jane, had died 5th mo. 14, 1757.

Jesse, the son named above, probably removed to Buckingham. His wife's name was Mary. Their son Isaiah, m. 1798, Elizabeth Watson, dau. of Thomas and Sarah, by whom he had three children: Ezra, Sarah and Elizabeth; and he appears to have married a second time, his wife being Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Wilson, by whom he had one son, Wilson. There are probably no male descendants of Jesse Jones now living.

Evan Jones, of Montgomery, inherited his father's estate. He was b. 12th mo 26, 1720, and d. 8th mo 31, 1801. He m. 1766, Hannah Lawrence, dau. of Henry, of Haverford, dec'd. Their chldren included: John (d. unm.; Henry (see below); Hannah, d. unm.; Evan (see below). Hannah, widow of Evan, sr., d. 1825.

Henry Jones, named above, m. Jane Lewis, 1805, dau. of Amos and Eleanor, of Upper Dublin. He d. comparatively a young man, 10th mo. 19, 1813. He left four children: Lewis, Clement, John L., and Henry. (Henry is the only one of these now living [1897], and the only male representative of the family of John Jones, carpenter.) Henry Jones's house was the lower part the Montgomery estate, --now the Armstrong farm, on the State road. He died there, having built the buildings that now stand, --the house, barn and wagon-house. The place was tenanted, after his death, by Jacob Zorns and Mathias Young, and in the spring of 1821 his widow removed to her father's place at Three Tuns, in Upper Dublin. (Her father died in the autumn following.)

Evan Jones, jr., son of Evan, and brother of Henry just mentioned, was a conspicuous citizen. (See biographical sketch.) He was four time married: to Sarah Ely, dau. of William and Cynthia, of Buckingham; to Lowry Miles (nee Foulke), dau. of Caleb and Jane, of Gwynedd; to Hannah Paul; and to Mary Lukens. By his first wife he had two daughters who grew up: Jane, who m. Jonathan Maulsby, and Cynthia E., who m., 1st, Dr. Evan Lester, of Richland, and 2nd, Evan Green, of Columbia Pennsylvania. By his second wife Evan Jones, jr., had one son, Owen, who d. 3 years old; but of his children there was no issue except Evan Jones Lester, son of Cynthia, by her first husband.

Of Henry Jones's sons, Lewis m. Mary Livezey, who died 1896, living on their homestead in Gwynedd, near the Upper Dublin line. They had no children. Clement m. late in life, but left no children. Henry m. Mary Y. Shoemaker (deceased 1896); they had no issue. John L. m. Margaret, dau. of Benjamin and Anne Garrigues, and had several children, of whom but one now survives; Jane, m. to Dr. Franklin T. Haines, of Moorestown, New Jersey.

Henry Jones's wife, as already mentioned, was Jane, daughter of Amos Lewis. The first of the Lewis Family in Upper Dublin, was Ellis, 1st, who came from Merion. (He may have been of the same family as the Lewises of Montgomery township). His wife's name was Anne. He purchased the property which is now (1896) Wilmer Atkinson's farm "Northview", formerly John L. Jones's, and the adjoining farm, belonging to Mr. McCallum, formerly David L. Lukens's. He d. 1753, his wife surviving until 1756. Their children included Ellis (see below); Lewis, m. Anne Lord; Jane, m. Enoch Lewis, of Gwynedd; Elizabeth, m. William Spencer.

Ellis Lewis, 2nd, m. 10th mo. 18, 1729, at Abington meeting-house, Mary Tyson, dau. of Matthias and Mary [Potts, d/o John], of Abington. Mary Lewis, the wife, d. 1st mo. 17, 1763, and Ellis m. 2nd, Ellen Evans, dau. of John and Eleanor, of Gwynedd (Evans Genealogy). Ellis d. 1783, and his wife survived him. His children, all by his first wife, were 11 in number, of whom six died young. The others were: Ellis, jr., b. 1730, d. unm. 1759. Mary, m. Ezekiel Cleaver; Ann, m. John Saunders; John; and Amos (see below).

Amos Lewis was twice married. His wives were sisters, Eleanor and Rachel Hubbs, of Gwynedd, daughters of John and Jane (and nieces of Ellis Lewis, 2nd's, second wife, see Evans Genealogy). Amos had by each wife one daughter; by his first wife he had Jane, who m. Henry Jones, of Montgomery, named above; and by his second, Eleanor, who m. Jesse Lukens. From the latter marriage there is a large family; the Jones branch has been given above.

Editor's note 2002: According to various internet sources this Lewis genealogy looks like this:

generation 1. Ellis Lewis m. Anne, a long-time resident of Upper Dublin Township. Note this is a different Ellis Lewis than the one who married Elizabeth Newlin and who is mentioned on pages 235-240 of the book entitled Merion in the Welsh Tract Settled by Cymric Quakers in 1682, written by Thomas Allen Glenn, published in 1896, from the Herald Press of Norristown, PA. The book relates that this Ellis Lewis first married Elizabeth Newlin in 1713 at Concord Meeting, and had a son Ellis born the 22nd of 3rd Month 1719. It then goes on to say that he second married Mary Baldwin, a widow, at Falls Meeting in Bucks County on the 11th of 1st Month, 1723.

generation 2: Elizabeth 1704/5 m. William Spencer, children: James, Thomas, Ann, Sarah, Samuel, Enoch, Job, Abel

generation 2: Ellis (26 Sep 1708-1783) m. (1) 1729 Mary Tyson (25 May 1710-17 Jan 1763) with children Ellis 1730, Mary 1731 (m. Ezekiel Clever), Matthew 1733, Ann 1735 (m. John Saunders), Elizabeth1737 , John 1741 (m. Hannah Shoemaker), Sarah 1743, Amos 1751 (m. Rachel and Eleanor Hubbs)

generation 2: Lewis m. Ann Lord, children: Elizabeth 1729/30, Hannah 1731, Ellis 1732, Ellis 1734, Lewis 1736, Ann 1738 (m. William Blackledge), Margaret 1741/42 (m. James Walton), Lewis 1744 (m. Mary Burson), Joseph 1746, Jane 1748/49 (m. E. Adams), Mary 1750/51, Martha 1754 (m. Isaac Walton)

generation 2: Jane abt 1714 m. Enos Lewis (s/o William Lewis [of Newtown, Chester Co.] and Gwen Jones) 1714, children: Isaac (m. Sarah Jenkins), Ellen (m. Edward Roberts); Gwen Jones is the daughter of William John, original settler of Gwynedd.

generation 2: Margaret m. James Green, children: Joseph, Francis, James, John


The first of this Spencer family, in Pennsylvania, was probably Samuel, who came here from Barbadoes, and was no doubt of English descent. The tradition has always been that he was a sea captain, and that after bringing his family here, about 1700, he returned for one more voyage, and was lost (or died) at sea. How this tradition grew up it is hard to say, but documentary evidence shows its incorrectness. Samuel Spencer's will is on record in Philadelphia. It describes him a "late of Barbadoes, but now of the county of Philadelphia, merchant, being sick of body, but of good and perfect memory, " [etc.]. This shows him to have been on land, and ill, at the date of the will, which was November 20, 1705, and as its probate was made a month later, December 20, 1705, it is evident that his decease closely followed its making, and that no voyage and death at sea could have occurred before probate.

Samuel Spencer, as is known in various ways, left two sons, Samuel and William. These the will names: "I give and bequeath unto my eldest son, Samuel Spencer, 20 pounds, to be paid unto him when he shall come to the age of 21 years, without any interest, [he] to be fitted with a good suit of cloaths fitt for such a lad, and to be forthwith sent to Barbadoes to his relacions there. I give and bequeath unto my son William Spencer, 20 pounds, " etc., etc.

Of Samuel Spencers "relacions", in Barbadoes, nothing definite is known. Samuel Spencer's two sons were, as the will shows, minors when their father died. Their mother, in all probability, was previously deceased. She was the daughter of Robert Whitton, and her brother Richard is said to have reared the two boys, --Samuel not having been sent back to the Barbadoes, at all. In 1742, Richard Whitton, of Upper Dublin, yeoman, made his will, and after some bequests left to his "two cousins, [i.e. nephews] Samuel Spencer and William Spencer," all his "lands, houses, tenements, and plantations," etc., --this being property in Upper Dublin [now Montgomery county, Pennsylvania].

Samuel Spencer, 2nd, m. 1723, Mary Dawes, dau. of Abraham and Edith, and their children were 13 in number, including, Jacob, who m. Hannah Jarrett, whose sons John and Jarrett married respectively Lydia Foulke of Gwynedd (see Foulke genealogy) and Hannah Evans, of Gwynedd (see Evans genealogy). Jesse Spencer, of Penllyn, was John's son.

Two other sons of Samuel Spencer, 2nd, and Mary, were the following:

  1. Joseph, b. 2nd mo 21, 1726, m. Hannah Lukens, dau. of John, of Bristol [adj. Germantown]. This coupled had one son Samuel, who d. young. Joseph then m. Abigail Conrad, widow (her maiden name was West), and had one son, Nathan. This Nathan m. Rachel Pim, dau. of Thomas of Chester county, and had children: Thomas P., Joseph, Sarah, Hephziba, Maria.
  2. John, b. 9th mo 1, 1731, m. Elizabeth Kirk, dau. of John and Sarah, and had 8 children. One of these was Sarah who m. Jonathan Thomas of Moreland [now Montgomery Co., Pa.], son of Mordecai and Elizabeth. Spencer Thomas m. Hephziba Spencer, named above, his second cousin. Their eldest daughter, Anna Maria, m. 1841, Algernon S. Jenkins, of Gwynedd.

Ed. 2002 Note: For more on William, son of the first Samuel, see the preceding Lewis family discussion.

Ed. 2002 Note: A rather complete genealogy of this family is on-line from James D. Officer on Rootsweb Worldconnect which has many children of Samuel not mentioned by Howard Jenkins. He also has this line back one more generation with some documentation.

Ed. 2010. Howard Jenkins also did a rather complete genealogy of this famly, entitled, Genealogical Sketch of the Descendants of Samuel Spencer of Philadlephia which is available on-line.


The Jenkins family of Gwynedd and neighboring townships are descended from Jenkin Jenkin, a Welshman, who came to this place in or about 1729. The family record in an old Welsh Bible which was formerly in the possession of John Jenkins, of North Wales, shows the following:

Jenkin Jenkins died September 15, 1745, aged 86 years.

Mary Jenkins died November 27, 1764, aged 74.

John Jenkins born February 15, 1719.

This, therefore, fixes the birth of Jenkin Jenkins in 1659, and of his wife in 1690. November 17, 1730, Jenkin Jenkins bought of Joseph Tucker land in Hatfield [township, now Montgomery Co., Pa.] 350 acres, "reaching from the Gwynedd line nearly or quite to the Cowpath road, and from the Montgomery line about the road running from Lansdale to Colmar." On this he settled, and he was "of Hatfield", when he made his will in 1745. He had bought, in 1738, of the Proprietaries, the Penns, 357 acres of land on the Conestoga, in Earl township, Lancaster county, closely adjoining the Welsh settlers of Carnarvon and Brecknock, and as there were some named Jenkins among them, it is not unlikely that they may have been kinsmen, and that he may have come over from Wales with some of that company, --their arrival being about 1729, also. Jenkin Jenkin, at his death, left 4 children as follows:

  1. John, who received 150 acres of the Hatfield property, and half the Conestoga property. He was b. (as above), Feb. 15, 1719, in Wales, and m. Sarah Hawkesworth, dau. of Peter and Mary. (She was b. in 1720, in England, and d. Jan. 16, 1794.) They had eight children. (See below)
  2. Mary, d. unm.
  3. Jenkin, jr., m. __ Thomas, He received by his father's will, 200 acres in Hatfield, and a share in the Conestoga tract. He had four children: David, d. unm.; Elizabeth m. John Banes; Hannah, d. unm.; Eleanor, m. __ McPherson.
  4. Elizabeth, m. John Hawkesworth, son of Peter and Mary; and had seven children.

John Jenkins, named above, was the progenitor of all of this family who now bear the name, his brother Jenkin having no married son. John was a prominent and useful citizen. (He was the assessor of Gwynedd township, as mentioned in the 1776 tax list.) He bought land in Gwynedd, in 1746, adjoining Lansdale. He died in 1803 (or 1804). His eight children were as follows:

  1. John, 2nd, b. 1742, d. 1805, an officer in the Revolutionary Army. He m. Elizabeth Lukens, wid. Of Abraham, and had six children: Owen, m. Mary Tennis; Sarah, m. Peter Hoxworth; Jesse, m. Mary Aaron; John m. Ann Todd; Edward m. Margaret Server; Elizabeth m. Issacher Rhoads. [ John who married Ann Todd, lived to extreme old age, dying at North Wales (at the house of his son-in-law, Abel Lukens), Oct. 5, 1880, in his 97th year. His children were Naomi, who m. Abel Lukens, Charles T. m. Sarah Lukens; Jane m. Samuel J. Rhoads; Ann T., m. Jacob B. Rhoads; Silas T. m. Eliza Morgan; John S. m. Eliza Stover; Milton m. Sarah Ellis.][Edward who m. Mary Server, b. May 9, 1786, d. Jan. 29, 1872; and had issue: Philip S. m. Hannah Zieber; Mary Ann m. Chas. D. Matthews; Charles S. m. Tacy Styer.]
  2. Levi, m. Susan Sheive, and had 9 children, including Rev. John S. Jenkins, a prominent minister of the Baptist denomination; and Levi, jr. who m. Sarah Smith and had 6 children, including Joseph S., Eder, John S. and Anne.
  3. Ann m. Hugh Kousty.
  4. Edward, b. July 12, 1758, d. 1829, m. Sarah Foulke, dau. of Theophilus (see Foulke genealogy), and had 6 children: Charles F., m. Mary Lancaster; Ann, d. unm.; Jesse, m. Mary R. Ambler; Margaret, m. Peter C. Evans; Rachel, m. Meredith Conard; Caleb, died a lad. [Chas. F. and Mary had 7 children, of whom 5 d. young. The others were Algernon S. (d. 1890, the father of Howard M. Jenkins, the author of this manuscript), who m. Anna Maria Thomas, and Alice A. Davis; and William H., (d. 1896), who m. Catherine Hallowell.][Jesse removed to Peoria Co., Illinois, in 1840, and died there at a very advanced age. Of his children, Albanus married and has children.]
  5. Jesse, born 1760, d. 1794, unm.
  6. Elizabeth, m. Owen Hughes, and had 8 children.
  7. Mary, m. Peter Wentz, and had 7 children.
  8. Sarah, m. Isaac Lewis, and had 3 children. (see details about Isaac Lewis).



Peter Hawksworth and his wife Mary came from England about 1730, and settled in Hatfield. Peter died between February 26, 1767, and March 22, 1769, --these being the dates of making and proving his will. His wife died soon after. They are said to have been buried at St. Thomas's churchyard, Whitemarsh. Their children were 6 in number, including Edward, Ann and Rachel, of whom nothing further is known, and the following:

  1. Sarah, m. John Jenkins, the elder (see preceding section).
  2. John, m. Elizabeth Jenkins (sister of John, just named), dau. of Jenkin and Mary, and had 7 children: Mary m. Zachariah Clawson; Edward, m. Mary Hoxworth (see below); John, d. unm.; Elizabeth m. Henry Newberry; Ann, m. C. Wells; Sarah, m. Kenneth Makenzie; and "Colonel" Peter, who m. Sarah Jenkins (see below.) John bought land, in 1761, located in Hatfield, from his father, and d. aged 44, early in the Revolution. He had been a soldier in the French and Indian War, and served in the Revolutionary army, but was taken sick and died, while so engaged.
  3. Peter, who was twice married. By his first wife he had 7 children. His second wife was Ann Wentz, dau. of Peter and Mary (Jenkins) Wentz, by whom he had 4 children.

Edward Hoxworth, above (son of John and Elizabeth), lived in Hatfield. He was b. Sept. 22, 1760, and d. Jan. 11, 1847. He entered the Revolutionary army when only 15 years old, and served throughout the war. He received a pension to the end of his life. He was a member of the company of which John Jenkins, 2nd, was a lieutenant. "He was a small-built man, but exceedingly lithe and active. In his younger days he would leap over an ordinary sized horse without touching." His wife, Mary (b. 1760, d. 1823), was the dau. of Peter (No. 3 above), and therefore first cousin to her husband. They had 9 children, as follows:

  1. Ann, m. Benjamin Krupp; 2 children
  2. Ellen, m. Benjamin Kulp; 8 children
  3. John, m. __ Smith.
  4. Israel, m. Mary Slough; 7 children.
  5. Mary, m. Robert Gordon; 7 children.
  6. Margaret, d. unm.
  7. Edward, m. C. Nonnemacher; 3 children.
  8. Elizabeth, m. B.F. Hancock (see below).
  9. Sarah, m. Jesse Godshalk; 9 children.

"Col." Peter Hoxworth, of Hatfield, b. Jan. 16, 1776, d. Nov. 11, 1850, m. Sarah Jenkins, dau. of John, 2nd, and Elizabeth. He was an officer in the war of 1812, and subsequently a colonel of Pennsylvania militia. For many years he was a justice of the peace, and he was also director of the poor, of Montgomery county. He had eight children: Elizabeth, m. Henry Lukens; Ann, m. John S. Cliffton; John J., m. D. Swartz; Owen, d. unm.; Enos L., m. Ann Mattis; Matilda, m. B.A. Morris; Mary, m. J. Santman; William J., m. Catharine A. Biery.

Elizabeth Hoxworth (No. 8 above), daughter of Edward and Mary, b. December 8, 1801, d. January 25, 1879, m. Benjamin F. Hancock. Their children were Winfield Scott and Hilary Baker (twins), b. Feb. 14, 1824, and John, b. March 23, 1830, m. Augusta Camp, and has issue 11 children. (Biographical notices of Gen. Hancock and his father will be found in the next chapter.)



The Castner family are descended from Paul Kastner, who was one of the early German, or Hollandish, settlers at Germantown. He is named with Peter Klever in the naturalization list of 1691, and was a Friend, as in 1692 he was one of those who signed the testification of the Yearly Meeting against George Keith. He d. in 1717, and his will is on record in Philadelphia, witnessed by Francis Daniel Pastorius.

Jacob Castner, who may have been a son, or, grandson of Paul, was a resident of Upper Dublin in 1754. He d. between December, 1763, and February 26, 1767, and in his will mentions his wife Ann, daughters Sarah and Elizabeth, and son Samuel, Andrew, and George. The will shows that he had one tract of 81 acres of land, in Gwynedd, which he had bought of Robert Combs, and another 21, in Gwynedd, bought of Catharine Jones, while he lived on a tract of 299 acres in Upper Dublin, adjoining Ellis Lewis, and he had also 100 ocres in East Nottingham, Chester county, purchased of George Churchman.

The main tract of Gwynedd land, which he left to Sarah and Samuel, lay below the Spring House, on the road to the Three Tons, including what was recently the Wm. Smith farm. The Upper Dublin tract he left chiefly to Andrew, and this included the old Siddons place, now or recently Malachi Stout's. The Chester county property he left to "Daniel and Susanna, the children of my son Jacob, deceased."

Samuel Castner lived on the Gwynedd place, and d. there Feb. 22, 1806. His estate was settled by David Lukens and Amos Lewis, executors. He left a legacy of 8 pounds in Pennsylvania money to Gwynedd meeting. His brother Andrew had died a few years earlier, -about 1796 or '97. His estate was settled by Cadwalader Evans, jr., and Amos Lewis, ex'rs.

George Kastner (who may have been the son named in Jacob's will) was in Whitpain, in 1734, and had 200 acres of land. His will was made April 27, 1776, and proved Oct. 19 of the same year. His wife was Elizabeth; he mentions his son Thomas, dec'd, and his (Thomas') widow, and daughter Margaret. He also mentions his grandchildren named Conrad, and other grandchildren named Ottinger, his sons-in-law Thomas Mee, Lewis Jones, Philip Richardson, and William Streeper, the last deceased. He leaves his six daughters, Mary, Magdalene, Elizabeth, Hannah, Lydia, and Margaret, residuary legatees.

Samuel Castner, of Gwynedd (grandfather of Jesse, recently deceased), lived on the Swede's Ford road, where George W. Castner his great-grandson recently lived. He was born June 4, 1737, and d. November 5, 1833. His dau. Elizabeth m. Nathan Chapin, who was a teacher in Philadelphia. Their son, William Chapin, was for many years principal of the Institution for the Blind, in Philadelphia.

Jesse Castner, the elder, a son of Samuel, m. Margaret Rhodes, dau. of Ezekiel of Norriton. (The ceremony, January, 1795, before Esq. Frederick Conrad.) The Gwynedd monthly meeting records show the birth of their children: Melinda, b. 5th mo 8, 1796; Charles, b. 10th mo 25, 1798; Mary, b. 12th mo. 5, 1800; Rachel, b. 11th mo. 7, 1803; Margaret, b. 5th mo. 19, 1805; Anne, b. 10th mo. 19, 1806. The records also show the death of Margaret, wife of Jesse, in 1809 (two dates given, 8th mo. 30 and 10th mo. 31). Jesse m. a second time, and had one son, Jesse, jr., of Gwynedd, the father of Conrad S., and George W., both now well-known citizens of Gwynedd.



Besides the member of the Roberts Family of whom details have been given in Chapter XIV (see Roberts Genealogy), there were several others living in Gwynedd, named Roberts, but of a different family. Owen Roberts, tailor, whose daughter Lydia m. Benjamin Mendenhall, lived below Penllyn, having bought in 1714 the lower William John tract, of his (W.J.'s ) daughters, Gaynor, Ellen, and Catharine. Besides his daughter Lydia, he had a son, --an possibly other children.

Ellis Roberts had also two brothers, John and William. William m. Mary Pugh, widow of Ellis Pugh, jr., and daughter of Owen Evans. She d. 1748, and he before her. Her will mentions two daughters of her son Ellis Roberts.

John Roberts, the other brother of Ellis, d. in 1725, leaving his wife Ellinor and brother Ellis his executors. His will mentions no children. His widow, Ellinor, d. the same year. They probably had no children, as none are mentioned in either's will.

There was still another Roberts family in Gwynedd, making a third. Edward Roberts was the first of this line who appears here. He d. 1748-49, "being old and far advanced in years." His son Robert m. Jane Evans, dau. of Robert Evans, of Merion, and their son was Amos Roberts, who was the father of George Roberts, who owned the old Robert Evans place (now Silas White's.) Edward Roberts's wife was Ann, and she was living when he made his will, October 3, 1748. His daughter m. Hugh Evans, and afterward Robert Jones of Merion. His daughter Gainor was the first wife of Edward Foulke. [see Edward Roberts descendancy for more.]

Web site Editor: There are several additional Roberts families at Gwynedd which can be viewed here along with some documentation.



The name Robert John, or Robert Jones, was the possession of several different persons within the scope of this history. One of these was "of Merion", and d. 1746. (He was the son of John ap Thomas, and the father of Robert Jones, 2nd, who m. Catharine Evans, Hugh's widow.)

Robert John, repeatedly alluded to in this volume, owned the land where North Wales (the borough), now is, and d. 1732.

Another Robert Jones, of Gwynedd, m. 1717, Ann Coulston, dau. of William, of Plymouth. He afterward became of Worcester, and d. there, 6th mo. 24, 1773. He was born in Denbighshire, Wales, 10th mo. 9, 1690, and his wife, Ann, was b. in Yorkshire, England, "near Moor Land," 8th mo. 18, 1695. [As she was the daughter of William Coulston, of Plymouth, this fixes the place whence he came.] Their children were William, Margaret, Ann m. Jacob Bell; Elizabeth, Robert, Josiah, Grace m. __Jones, and Owen Thomas; Hannah m. __ Prichard; Enos. Ann, the mother, d. 4th mo. 21, 1772.

Still another Robert Jones, "of Gwynedd, cordwainer," d. 1745, probably unmarried. He left bequests to his cousin John Evans, to his cousin Elizabeth Evans, wife of Thomas, his cousin Owen Evan, son of Thomas; to Edward, Thomas, Griffith, and John Evans, sons of Thomas; to cousin Peter Evans, to cousin Thomas Griffith, to his cousins, the children of Joseph Williams, etc.

Editor adds these will abstracts pertaining to Robert John/Jones

John Thomas, father of Robert Jones of Merion:

John THOMAS, Llaethgwn, Commott Penllun, Merioneth Co. Gentleman. 9, 2, 1682. 10, 3, 1688. A. 77.
Estate to wife Kathrine who is sole Executrix and to children Thomas Jones, Robert John, Evan John, Cadwalader John, Kathrine John, Mary John, Sudney John and eldest daughter Elizabeth, wife of Rees Evan of the township of Penmaen, Merioneth Co.; nephew John the younger son of his brother Cadwalader Thomas late of Kiltalgarth, deceased; nieces Jane and Kathrine daughters of his brother Cadwalader Thomas and nephew Thomas Cadwalader. Overseers: John ap John of the parish of Phueabou, Denlrgh Co.; Thomas Ellis of Cyfanedd, Mesioneth Co.; Thomas Wynne late of Brouvadog near Caerwys in the County of Flint; Robert David of Gwerneul, Merionyth Co.; Hugh Roberts of Kiltalgarth in the said County; Edward Jones late of Bala, Chirurgeon of the same County; Robert Vaughan of Gwernevel, Merionyth Co.; Edward Moris of Havodgynfawr, Denbigh Co.; Robert Owen late of Frongoch and son-in-law Rees Evans of Penmaen both near Bala, Merionyth Co.
Witnesses: Robert Vaughan, Rowland Owen, Thomas Vaughan.

Robert Jones, son of John Thomas:

Robert JONES, Merion Township, Pennsylvania. Yeoman.
7 mo. 21, 1746. October 17, 1746. H.161.
Children: Gerrud, Robert and Elizabeth. Grandchildren: Silas Jones, Sarah and Katherine Evans.
Trustees: Robert Roberts, Evan Jones and Edward Williams.
Exec: Son Robert and Cousin Evan Jones.
Wit: Jonathan Jones, Jr., Edward Price and Sidney Roberts.

Robert Jones (m. Margaret Roberts, widow of Hugh Evans), son of Robert Jones, grandson of John Thomas:

Robert JONES, Lower Merion. Co. of Phila. Farmer. November 8, 1764. February 5, 1765.
Wife: Margaret.
Children: Israel, Mary Evans, Jane Atkinson, Martha Johnson, Susanna, Hanna, Amos.
Grandchildren: Tecy, Elizabeth, Abner and Margaret Barry.
Execs.: Israel Jones, William Thomas.
Wit: Jesse Jones, Thomas Reyan, Jno. Johnson. N.266.

Apparently this next is the Robert Jones of Merion who married Margaret Knowles. If we accept Howard Jenkins' assertion above, he is often confused with Robert Jones, son of Robert and grandson of John Thomas.

Robert JONES, Merion. Phila. Co., 3 mo. 9, 1770. 7 April 1770.
Wife and Exec.: Margaret.
Children: Nathan, Francis, John, Robert, Norris, Elisha, Jehu and Ann.
Wit: Isaac and John Hughes, Samuel Holstein and David Gibson. O.490.

Robert John of Gwynedd, d. 1732

Robert JONES, Gwynedd, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman., 9 mo. 27, 1732. December 30, 1732. E.207.
Wife: Gainor. Children: John, Ellin.
Exec: Gainor and John Jones.
Overseers: Uncle Cadwalader Evans, Cousins Evan, Owen and John Evans, John Jones.
Wit: John Jones, John Ellis, James Wood.

Charles Henry Browning (Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania) says that Robert Jones of Gwynedd was the son of Evan John William (d. Merion, PA, 11mo. 1683) a brother of Rees John William, the father of John Jones, Carpenter, above, though we do not know how he came to this conclusion.

Robert Jones "of Gwynedd", cordwainer:

Robert JONES, Philadelphia. cordwainer. 5 mo. 6, 1745. October 1, 1745. H.52.
Nephew: John Evans.
Cousins: Elizabeth Evans (wife of Thos. Evans), Owen, Edward,
John and Mary (children of Thos. Evans), Peter Evans, Thomas Griffith,
Joseph Williams, Evan Bevan (wife, Margaret), Robert Jones (wife Catherine).
Exec: Thomas Evans.
Wit: John Evans (his mark) and William Jones.

Robert Jones m. Ann Coulston of Worcester twp.

Robert JONES, Worcester. Phila. Co. Yeoman. 3 mo. 13, 1773. July 24, 1773.
Children: Enos, Grace, William, Elizabeth, Ann Bell, Hannah Prichard, Robert, Josiah.
Sons in law: Jacob Bell, Josiah Bell.
Grandchildren: Robert Jones, Jemima Bell, Priscilla Rogers.
Execs.: Enos and Grace Jones.
Wit: Michael Simpson, Thomas Bean, John Bean. P.436.


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