Lynn Leuszler

Leuszler—Lynn Leuszler, 71, on September 22, 2023, at home in Atlanta, Ga. Lynn was born on February 1, 1952, to Harold Leuszler and Melba Kiiting Leuszler, the third of four sons, in Lorain County, Ohio. He was born with a congenital defect in his aortic heart valve.

Lynn graduated from Ohio State University in 1973 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and public relations. He was engaged in site selection, contract negotiation, and zoning work for a photo processing company in Miami, Fla.; Chicago, Ill.; and New York before moving to Atlanta.

In May 1980, Lynn met his wife, Georgia Lord, while they were involved in volunteer work. They married on April 18, 1981. Lynn’s encouragement provided Georgia with self-confidence to enroll in law school.

Lynn and Georgia came to Atlanta (Ga.) Meeting in the spring of 1981. Lynn felt that he had “come home” and settled into a deep, rich silent worship. They became members in 1983.

In 1986, Lynn and Georgia welcomed their son, David. They, together with Georgia’s mother, Ruth Lord, lived in Stone Mountain, Ga. Lynn returned to school at Georgia State and earned a master of business administration degree.

In 1991, Lynn underwent surgery to replace his aortic heart valve with a mechanical valve. Several days later an unusual complication caused his heart to stop suddenly. Hospital staff were able to resuscitate him, and a second surgery removed the new valve and replaced it with a porcine valve. Sometime during this process, Lynn suffered a stroke. Recovery from his second surgery and stroke was grueling, but Lynn tackled it with determination.

This experience, his “death day,” had a profound impact on Lynn. He was able to let go of grudges and past injuries, and each day after his “death” was a gift that made him an incredibly lucky guy. He showed how to be kinder, more patient, and generous to others.

David was five at the time of Lynn’s surgery. Lynn was grateful that he was able to live to watch David grow up, and to proudly reflect upon the man that David became.

Lynn’s medical issues made it very hard for him to maintain employment. He increasingly served his family as the primary caregiver to his son and also became the primary caregiver for Georgia’s mother, Ruth. Lynn provided extensive volunteer service at David’s elementary school and played a decisive role in the creation of Lord Park in the city of Tucker, Ga.

In 1996, the family celebrated Lynn and Georgia’s twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and David’s graduation from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in computer science.

Lynn served the meeting on the Religious Education and Ministry and Worship Committees, and as liaison to Friends Committee on National Legislation; he also helped build the original playground at the meetinghouse. Recently, as treasurer, Lynn took steps to improve the meeting’s financial support, making it easier to engage in the paradox of generosity: when we give for others’ well-being, we enhance our well-being, too.

Despite his periodic trips to the hospital, Lynn’s life continued to encompass lots of joy, good times with friends and family, and general contentment. In June 2023, Lynn decided to forego further treatment.

Lynn was preceded in death by his parents, Harold and Melba Leuszler; and two brothers, Harold Leuszler and Michael Leuszler.

Lynn is survived by his wife, Georgia Lord; one child, David Leuszler; a brother, Dan Leuszler (Debbie); two sisters-in-law, Mary Ann Leuszler and Charlotte Lord (Norris Klesman); one nephew; and one niece.

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