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Meeting for worship at New Garden Friends School in Greensboro, N.C. Photos courtesy of Friends Council on Education.

Quaker Schools Transforming the World

Friends schools face the challenges of societal changes.

Deborra Sines Pancoe is Friends Council on Education’s associate director and a member of Abington (Pa.) Meeting. Elisabeth Torg is director of development and communications for Friends Council on Education, a kindred spirit of Quakers, and a parent of two Friends school graduates.

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Thou Shalt Wear Comfy Shoes

Do our attitudes toward formal dress push people out the door?

Suzanne W. Cole Sullivan is a convinced Friend who lives and worships in Georgia (mostly), but they can often be spotted at meetings around the country during weekend adventures. Suzanne carries a concern for hospitality and a culture of welcoming. Suzanne is often heard before they are seen.

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River Crossing

FJ Poetry: “Sitting in bed she gazes at the river, …”

Anne Maren-Hogan lives in Burnsville, N.C.

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Unteachable Lessons: Why Wisdom Can’t Be Taught (and Why That’s Okay)

By Carl McColman. William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2019. 160 pages. $16.99/paperback or eBook.

Paul Buckley is a member of Community Friends Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the author of numerous articles and books on Quakerism and travels in the ministry urging revival among Friends. His most recent book is Primitive Quakerism Revived: Living as Friends in the Twenty-First Century.

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In Which Today’s To‐dos Become Ta‐dahs!

A Friend’s attention to prayer life brings an easy order to life’s juggles.

A member of the Winnebago Worship Group in Wisconsin, Kat Griffith is a former teacher, homeschooler, sustainable agriculture activist, and environmental educator. She is currently active in several Friends organizations, serves as an interpreter, and works on various social justice issues.

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A Quaker Response to Gun Violence

A ministry born of family tragedy.

Peter Murchison is a member of Wilton (Conn.) Meeting, where he currently serves as clerk of the Ministry and Oversight Committee. He has been active around the issue of gun violence since the shooting at Sandy Hook where his nephew Daniel Barden was killed in his classroom. Contact him at [email protected].

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Writing Opp: Thin Spaces (due 2/10/2020)

Thin Spaces: With few rituals to guide us, Quaker worship at its core is a direct connection with the Divine. […]

Martin Kelley is senior editor of Friends Journal.

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Drugs and the Practice of Spiritual Discernment

When can drugs bring us closer to God?

Joe McHugh lives in Minnesota, writes frequently for a variety of publications, and his book, Startled by God: Wisdom from Unexpected Places, was published in 2013. He has served in interim leadership positions at Friends School of Minnesota and Carolina Friends School.

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Forum, January 2020

Letters from our readers.

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The Winding Path of Transformation: Finding Yourself Between Glory and Humility

By Jeffrey Tacklind. InterVarsity Press, 2019. 192 pages. $17/paperback; $16.99/eBook.

Ken Jacobsen and his wife, Katharine, until her death in 2017, served as teachers and co-directors in various Quaker communities such as Olney Friends School and Pendle Hill. Ken has taught theology and healing at Chicago Theological Seminary and has led retreats on Jesus’s teachings. He keeps his home in Wisconsin as a poustinia, a prayer house for travelers.

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