I Have Learned

© olly

All these months I have made progress
in the Peace and Justice room of the convent
and although it is not humble to announce that

I have chosen my word, that is not a word
but a sacred sound, to shush all my thoughts
clamoring like children wanting to be heard.

I have learned to close my eyes and sit
with my back straight and palms open
on my lap, in a gesture of receiving

what the universe is offering.
Oh yes, I have learned to let go
of the itch bothering my nose

which is no small thing
and leave this world of cushions and candles
feel my breath rise and fall and rise again

in the Peace and Justice room
until the new woman settled in her seat
and her great honking snore erupted

and I learned that I had learned nothing at all.

Marion Goldstein lives in Cedar Grove, N.J.

Posted in: Humor in Religion, Poetry

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