May 2023 Young Friends Bookshelf

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Our columns seldom exhibit a theme. I search for recent books on various topics for different ages and reading levels. The result is a column with a variety of topics. Due entirely to serendipity, this column seems to have thematic unity. Many of the books, such as Luli and the Language of Tea, The Man Who Saved Books, and Big Truck, Little Island, are explicitly about building community. However, the theme of community plays a smaller role in many of the other books. For example, Room for More is an environmental book, but it’s also a book about being a good neighbor. The Line in the Sand is about resolving conflict, which is an obvious prerequisite for community building. I hope you enjoy this column devoted to community. —Eileen Redden, young Friends book review editor,

Ages 3–7

Ages 4–8

Ages 5–8

Ages 6–9

Ages 10 and up

Ages 11 and up

Eileen Redden

Eileen Redden is the young Friends book review editor for Friends Journal. She worships with the Lewes Worship Group in Lewes, Del. Contact her at

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