Quaker Bestsellers 2016

From the 2016 FGC Gathering in Saint Joseph, Minnesota


1. The Quaker Way: A Rediscovery

By Rex Ambler. Christian Alternative Books, 2013. 160 pages. $19.95/paperback; $9.99/eBook. (Reviewed in FJ Nov. 2013. Ambler was a plenary speaker at this year’s Gathering.)

2. Light to Live By: An Exploration in Quaker Spirituality

By Rex Ambler. Quaker Books, 2002. 60 pages. $11/paperback. (Reviewed in FJ May 2003.)

3. Our Life Is Love: The Quaker Spiritual Journey

By Marcelle Martin. Inner Light Books, 2016. 230 pages. $30/hardcover; $17.50/paperback; $10/eBook. (Reviewed in FJ Aug. 2016.)

4. Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got it Right—and How We Can, Too

By George Lakey. Melville House, 2016. 320 pages. $26.99/hardcover; $15.99/eBook. (Review in FJ forthcoming.)

5. The Light Within: Then and Now

By Rex Ambler. Pendle Hill Pamphlets (number 425), 2013. 34 pages. $7/pamphlet. (Reviewed in FJ Sept. 2014.)

6. Life Lessons from a Bad Quaker: A Humble Stumble Toward Simplicity and Grace

By J. Brent Bill. Abingdon Press, 2015. 208 pages. $16.99/paperback; $9.99/eBook. (Reviewed in FJ Aug. 2016.)

7. Rising to the Challenge: The Transition Movement and People of Faith (QIF Focus Book #10)

By Ruah Swennerfelt. Producciones de la Hamaca, 2016. 140 pages. $15/paperback; $6/eBook; free PDF available at quakerinstitute.org. (Review in FJ forthcoming.)

8. Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship: Quakers, African Americans, and the Myth of Racial Justice

By Donna McDaniel and Vanessa Julye. QuakerPress of FGC, 2009. 548 pages. $7.50/paperback. (Reviewed in FJ Nov. 2009.)

9. Le Flambeau School of Driving

By Peggy Senger Morrison. Unction Press, 2016. 314 pages. $15/paperback; $10/eBook. (Review in FJ forthcoming. Morrison was a plenary speaker at this year’s Gathering.)

10. Worship in Song: A Friends Hymnal

Friends General Conference, 1996. 404 pages. $30/hardcover; $18/spiralbound. (Reviewed in FJ April 1997.)

Source: Quakerbooks of FGC

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