Quaker Earthcare Witness

Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) connects Friends who carry a concern for Earth, creating a supportive community for inspiring and empowering action while also providing a place for reflection and solace. QEW responds to critical issues of our time, such as climate change, biodiversity, ocean and soil depletion, and overpopulation, and acts on these concerns through a lens of environmental justice.

The QEW network has wide-ranging resources to share with Friends meetings and churches. QEW also seeks to educate and provoke action through the newsletter, BeFriending Creation; the earthcare curricula for adults and children; and other publications and social media. QEW offers $500 grants to individual Friends and groups who are working on an earthcare project, especially ones that promote environmental justice and youth.

During these past six months, as part of the recently launched QEW Presents! speakers bureau, QEW members have been visiting meetings around the United States to offer workshops on a range of topics, including the interconnections of the pandemic, regenerative agriculture, the power of silence, climate justice, and the financial and economic roots of the climate emergency. The speakers will continue to visit meetings virtually this spring and welcome invitations.

Starting in February, QEW has also been hosting monthly online worship sharing groups in partnership with Friends General Conference.


Learn more: Quaker Earthcare Witness

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