Quaker Institute for the Future

Since January, Quaker Institute for the Future (QIF) has undertaken two research and communication projects on major issues of U.S. public policy: (1) Meeting the Acute Needs of the Nation Requires Monetary System Reform; (2) Responding to the Threat of Irreversible Global Warming.

The first project prepared a policy paper for communicating with Vice President Kamala Harris through a personal channel made available to QIF. This paper is also being circulated among Friends and others. It will be available on QIF’s new website soon. 

The second project is preparing an epistle to Friends everywhere on the threat of continued global warming to the continuation of life on Earth, as we know it. The purpose of the epistle is to share the information and analysis the Institute has assembled and offer suggestions for action to influence the U.S. government on climate change policy.


Learn more: Quaker Institute for the Future

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