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Greta Thunberg and Kallan Benson at Amnesty International鈥檚 Ambassador of Conscience Award, Washington, D.C., September 2019. Photo 漏 Jim Ross.

Giving Up Childhood to Avert Climate Catastrophe

Quaker activists are involved in the youth鈥恖ed Climate Strike movement from D.C. to London.

Jim Ross jumped back into creative pursuits after retiring in 2015. He鈥檚 since published in over 100 journals and anthologies in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Jim and his wife鈥攑arents of two health professionals, grandparents of five preschoolers鈥攁ttend Sandy Spring (Md.) Meeting.

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Frackopoly: The Battle for the Future of Energy and the Environment

By Wenonah Hauter. The New Press, 2016. 276 pages. $27.95/hardcover. Food & Water Watch is a national organization with state [鈥

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7 Advices for Online Gospel Ministry

Bringing faithfulness and witness to communications on social media.

Kathleen Wooten (Fresh Pond Meeting in Cambridge, Mass.) carries a concern for how we are faithful in virtual and actual community, and lets her life speak, tweet, and post as faithfully as she is able. Her occasional blog can be found at quakerkathleen.wordpress.com. She also serves as events coordinator of New England Yearly Meeting.

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Toward a Right Relationship with Finance: Debt, Interest, Growth, and Security

By Pamela Haines, Ed Dreby, David Kane, and Charles Blanchard. Quaker Institute for the Future Focus Book 9, 2016. 126 [鈥

Tom Head is a member of Bridge City Meeting in Portland, Ore., and professor of economics at George Fox University. Both his professional work and his Quaker service have focused on international trade, finance, economic development, and international relations. He has a passion for interfaith dialogue and contemplating the role of world religions in the global economy.

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News, April 2016

News from the world of Friends.

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Quaker Bestsellers 2014

Bestselling Quaker books.

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The Peaceable Kingdom 2.0: Young Adults and Quakerism鈥檚 Future

In this post鈥怌hristendom, post鈥9/11 country, there is a growing inter鈥恌aith youth movement, thanks in part to the ability of new [鈥

Stephen Willis Dotson is a member of Goose Creek (Va.) Meeting who carries a concern for the future of Friends. This concern manifests in a desire to nurture rising generations, to facilitate Quaker engagement with ecumenical and inter-religious work, and to help the unique gifts of Quakerism reach those who are seeking them through both traditional and emerging technologies. He is a Board member for Friends Journal.

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A Challenge to Friends

Susan Corson鈥怓innerty is away, which gives me the welcome task of preparing this column. For us at Friends Journal, November [鈥

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A Model for Growth and Rejuvenation of Monthly Meetings

Growing up in Moorestown (N.J.) Meeting, I remember being in awe of a meetinghouse that was, at least to a [鈥

Larry Van Meter, a member of Moorestown (N.J.) Meeting, is head of Moorestown Friends School.

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Yo! Are You Amish?

Driving down Philadelphia鈥檚 South Street a few years ago, I was asked by a person who had pulled up next [鈥

Max L. Carter, director of the Friends Center and campus ministry coordinator at Guilford College, is a member of New Garden Meeting in Greensboro, N.C. A recorded Friends minister, he teaches courses at Guilford on Quaker history, testimonies, spirituality, and intentional community.

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