Rhiannon Grant interview

Quaker author Rhiannon Grant’s article, “Confidence in Complexity,” appears in the October 2023 issue of Friends Journal.

Rhiannon Grant discusses holding multiple religious identities as both a Quaker and practitioner of Druidry and Buddhism. She explains how these traditions have influenced her life through personal experiences. While some may see her beliefs as incoherent, Grant finds meaning and spiritual growth in discerning what each tradition offers. She addresses both synergies between the traditions, such as a focus on observing nature, as well as tensions around ritual practices. Grant emphasizes contextualizing her beliefs and citing her sources of influence to help others understand her perspective. She concludes that navigating conflicts between identities requires ongoing discernment as new issues emerge in the world.

Rhiannon Grant is a member of Central England Area Meeting, where she worships with Bournville Local Meeting. She is also a member of Woodbrooke staff, offering research support and teaching courses on topics including multiple religious belonging. She has written several books, and blogs at brigidfoxandbuddha.wordpress.com.

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