Summer 2020 Writing Opportunities

Fast Facts:

  • Features run 1200-2500 words (General information)
  • Questions? Email or message on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s been awhile since I sat down to write an Editor’s Desk post about upcoming issues. The last one went out in mid-March, just before all of our COVID-19 lockdowns. Friends Journal staff have been working from home since then (my actual editor’s desk right now is shared with two board games, some homeschool workbooks, a citronella plant, and a smoothie mug some child abandoned here yesterday). But we’re still getting the issues out!

We’ve been expanding our content to help Friends respond to the changes. We’re running more online-first feature articles, many of which we then include in later print issues. Our goal is to publish new online feature article every week. If you’re writing something you think might fit, use the “Online Features” form on our submissions page. When there, you’ll notice that we’ve also relaunched our three websites a few weeks ago!

Upcoming themed issues

Quaker Process
We are actively looking for more articles for this issue! The extended deadline is a week from now, July 20, but if you’re writing something and need a bit more time let me know.

One of the things that define many of us as Friends is our reliance on Quaker process for decision making. What is it? How does it different from consensus? How do we respectfully adapt it for non‐spiritual uses? Where did it come from and is it really still the best way of making every kind of decision? Deadline: July 20.

Quakers in Translation

Quakers outgrew the British isles in the first decade of the new moment in the 1650s and now speak dozens of languages. What are the unique issues in translating Quaker texts? How do we make sure that language doesn’t remain a barrier in our worldwide religious fellowship? Deadline: August 10.

Emerging Witnesses

Friends talk of “concerns” that start with an individual or small minority of our fellowship and grow into more widespread leadings and eventually sometimes into society‐wide testimonies. There are a handful of popular Quaker testimonies that get talked about all the time. But what are some emerging ones that might deserve our attention? Some might be older ones that could be revisited; others might be issues that are new or that Friends may have overlooked. Deadline: September 14.

If you know someone who might have something to write about these topic, please share the link to the Editor’s Desk blog post. Thank you for your help in getting the word out!

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