Vital Conversations

Photo by Asaf Rovny on Unsplash

There is no silence.
God’s voice is everywhere—
In the vital conversation
between heart and lungs.
In the murmuring
of mind and spirit.
In the very air we breathe.

What we call silence
is merely the spaciousness
that allows us to hear.
Drop a stone into a well.
Hear it land a hundred feet below.
Listen to its echo.
Hear the voice of God.

Listen to your neighbor,
your beloved,
your enemy, your friend.
Listen to the refugee,
the prisoner,
the elder, the infant.

Not to their words
but their heartbeat,
their breath.
Know that at our core
we all speak the same language.
Come to the well.
Hear the voice of God.

Gloria Heffernan

Gloria Heffernan’s Exploring Poetry of Presence (Back Porch Productions) won the 2021 Central New York Book Award for Nonfiction. She is the author of the poetry collection What the Gratitude List Said to the Bucket List (New York Quarterly Books) and three chapbooks. Her work has appeared in over 100 publications including the anthology Poetry of Presence (Vol. 2).

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