The Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts

The Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts (FQA) nurtures and showcases the literary, visual, musical, and performing arts within the Religious Society of Friends and with other Quaker-friendly creatives, to promote individual and community expression, ministry, witness, and outreach. To these ends, FQA offers spiritual, practical, and financial support as way opens.

Recently, FQA’s new website was established. On the website, f/Friends can share their creative work on their profile, explore and post opportunities and events, and make connections with each other.

FQA’s quarterly journal, Types and Shadows, is available on both paper and the website. The spring 2022 issue celebrated FQA’s thirtieth anniversary with a special 16-page edition.

In July, FQA hosted art, music, photography, and writing events at the Friends General Conference Gathering, which was held virtually.

Lastly, many FQA members were featured in the September issue of Friends Journal, which focused on Quaker arts.

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