Writing Opp: Forgiveness

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Fast Facts

Our January 2024 issue will look at Forgiveness. What does it mean to forgive? Are there any preconditions? Any limitations? What does forgiveness do to us and to the forgiven?

Some ideas for articles might include:

  • Politics of forgiveness. How do we heal from the atrocities of war, genocide, or systemic repression in places like Northern Ireland, Rwanda, South Africa?
  • Personal forgiveness of family members or close acquaintances.
  • Forgiving other Quakers. How do we forgive in situations in which we have been disappointed by meeting decisions or personal animosities within our community? It’s possible to be disappointed by Quakers in general, for past injustices or a slowness in addressing new concerns. How do we forgive in these situations?
  • Are there times and conditions in which we cannot—and maybe should not—forgive? What are the limits? What happens when we can’t find closure?
  • Can forgiveness be a spiritual practice that brings us closer not just to the forgiven, but to God and the Light?

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Other upcoming issues:

  • Prayer and Healing (due Dec. 18)
  • Membership (due Feb. 25)

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