Earth Quaker Action Team

Using spiritually grounded nonviolent direct action, Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) challenges corporations to turn away from fossil fuels and toward a livable future.

EQAT continues to build power and momentum in the Vanguard S.O.S. campaign, calling on the world’s largest investor in fossil fuels, Vanguard, to take responsibility for its role in driving pollution and extreme weather. Recently, the campaign has organized protests with students, grandparents, and people of diverse faiths. For example, in the fall, together with Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW), EQAT held a meeting for worship with attention to true climate stewardship right at the entrance to Vanguard’s global headquarters in Pennsylvania, and simultaneously online with Quakers around the globe. Over the winter, EQAT members shared their skills in an online webinar series on nonviolent direct action, in which QEW also presented.

EQAT is preparing for what is expected to be the biggest action yet in the international Vanguard S.O.S. campaign, this July in Pennsylvania, which will coincide with the Friends General Conference Gathering in Haverford, Pa. Sign up at the EQAT website to receive more information:

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