Friends Peace Teams

Friends Peace Teams (FPT) works among people in more than 20 countries who are choosing to be part of efforts toward a transformed, sustainable world. FPT focuses on building person-to-person relationships in order to create a foundation for grassroots, Spirit-led change for peace and social justice.

FPT continues its peace work through in-person workshops and online. Power of Goodness stories, available on the website in seven languages, aim to inspire hope. Peace Literacy and Peace Libraries help educate youth. Partnering with Friends Women’s Association in Burundi helps educate women about reproductive health and recover from gender-based violence. FPT’s African Great Lakes Initiative programs create safe places in Burundi for neighbors to share stories so they can heal from land conflicts, the main cause of food insecurity.

The next Peaceways issue is due out in October on the theme “Making Peace with the Earth.”

Learn more: Friends Peace Teams

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