Friends Peace Teams

Friends Peace Teams is a Quaker organization that includes Quakers from many yearly meetings who support one another in encouraging and developing long-term peace and justice ministries around the world. It also includes global networks of peace and justice workers, supporters, and donors of many cultures and beliefs. Friends Peace Teams’ work supports the peace and justice work of local partners in 20 countries where there has been war, colonization, violence, and oppression. A message of peace comes through developing relationships and holding workshops on the “Alternatives to Violence Project,” “Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities,” “Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples,” and “Trauma Resiliency.” The efforts of Friends Peace Teams to become an authentically antiracist group have continued this year. They discerned ways to empower regional working groups, decentralize power, and deconstruct colonial mindsets. Their programs uncover the effects of multigenerational trauma and begin a more focused effort to heal team members and those they serve.

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