Quaker Earthcare Witness

The primary goal of Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) is to nurture a spiritual transformation in people’s relationship with the living world. It sponsors a range of events to reach out and support Friends. QEW hosts monthly online worship sharing. Friends greatly appreciate this opportunity to reflect on our individual and collective faith and climate action. The QEW Presents! program coordinates speakers who travel virtually or in-person to monthly meetings and Friends churches to share about a range of topics, such as discernment in nature, eco-spirituality, environmental justice, native landscaping, regenerative agriculture, alternative economics, and population. QEW also hosts monthly webinars. It is collaborating with EQAT to promote divestment from fossil fuels (and re-investment in renewables) with a focus on Vanguard. Past webinars include a discussion about mysticism and physics (January/February) and international climate activism and diplomacy (March). The organization offers matching $500 mini-grants in support of Friends groups’ eco-friendly projects. Recently supported projects include new raised beds for a community food project, an “Exploring Organisms with Literacy” curriculum for first graders at a Friends school, and a meditation garden using native landscaping. QEW also publishes a quarterly newsletter, BeFriending Creation, showcasing Friends’ actions and reflection on Earthcare. Recent articles focused on the human right to a healthy environment, protests against logging, and spiritual support for young climate activists. 


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