Friends Peace Teams

Friends Peace Teams (FPT) is a Spirit-led organization that creates spaces for truth-telling, dialogue, healing, and nonviolent action for justice in 20 countries. In five regional teams, people of many different faiths, ethnicities, and cultures work together to create enduring cultures of peace. Here are some recent updates from each of them.

The Europe regional team offered Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshops to peace workers and psycho-social support to people displaced by war in Ukraine, the North Caucasus, and Iraq.

In five Latin American countries with persistent inequalities and violence, Peacebuilding en las Américas conducted AVP workshops and other activities to support families and individuals in crisis.

In the African Great Lakes region, FPT members offered trauma healing programs for refugees from wars in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The team also supports economic empowerment, women’s health, and education for English literacy and agriculture.

The Asia–West Pacific team recently developed new programs to support displaced persons from Myanmar (Burma) and build eco-justice projects in the Philippines and Korea.

In North America, FPT lifted up Indigenous voices and advocates for land return and healing from genocide, colonization, and forced assimilation, including harms caused by the Quaker Indian boarding schools.

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