Friends World Committee for Consultation (Section of the Americas)

In the Americas, the Quaker community extends from the Arctic to the Andes, spanning a rich diversity of regional cultures, beliefs, and styles of worship. Friends from the Americas recently experienced this diversity at the FWCC Americas virtual section meeting in March with a theme of “Hope and Resilience: Drawing Strength from Our Quaker Faith.” In the last year, FWCC accelerated its efforts to foster a community that is ever more diverse and inclusive by helping close the gaps created by language differences, geographic distance, technological access, and varied theological approaches. FWCC is enhancing its programs to provide more practical resources and events to assist meetings and churches and enrich their own practices. An FWCC-updated directory of Friends contained more than 1,100 meetings and churches in the United States. This will facilitate FWCC’s work to lift up the diversity of Friends and help Quakers from all forms of worship come together to discover the joys inherent in exploring Friends’ rich forms of religious expression.

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