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People throughout the world are witnessing and living through crises, whether the result of violent conflict, humanitarian need, or the impact of the pandemic. These complex crises span borders, showing Friends that the world is ever more interconnected. Also, they are often affected by climate change and migration, which require sustainable and people-centered solutions. Recognizing this, Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) began new programming in the area of peace and crisis. This work examines how peace is understood by the United Nations when developing responses to crisis situations. The first step into this new area was to launch a research and learning process in 2021. A key part was a listening exercise, which provided an exciting opportunity to converse with UN staff, diplomats, and civil society colleagues. QUNO explored key questions: How can crisis response contribute to peace? How can a practice of peacebuilding support the delivery of humanitarian aid? Drawing from this exercise, QUNO released the publication, Building Peace in Times of Crisis, which identifies six key shifts in efforts already underway and can strengthen peacebuilding and crisis response. QUNO hopes this publication will be a resource that guides UN colleagues as they grapple with the challenge of simultaneously responding to complex crises and building peace.


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