Me and My Maker

Hill House Meeting in Accra, Ghana. Photo courtesy of Hill House Meeting.


Who is God?

He is the Omnipotent God.
He is everywhere.
He created me.
He breathed into me.
He made me like himself.

What did he say?

He said if I have faith as small as a mustard seed, I can move mountains.
He said I have been made a little lower than himself.
He said I can call to being what I so wish.
He said I will inherit him.
He said he has given me power, riches, honour, blessings, might, and glory.

From which direction did you hear him speak?

He speaks to my ears with a still, small voice.
He speaks to me daily.
He speaks to me through other people.
He speaks to me through circumstances.
He speaks to me through dreams.

Why did he speak to me?

To direct me
To protect me
To receive his gift
To answer questions
To stay in his company

How did he say it?

Through an incident
Through a messenger
Through a mishap
Through a testimony
Through a hymn
Through a still, small voice


Everyone’s spiritual journey is different. It begins in different ways—usually from birth by who your parents are and what they believed in and how they guided you. Eventually you decide on what you want for yourself. It could be dictated by experience, by association with other people, or by your environment. It is influenced by your perceptions—the choices you perceive and the decisions you make based on those perceived choices. Mine started with my Christian parents. I was baptized as a baby and later confirmed a Methodist around 15 years old; they also introduced me to Quakerism. My idea of Christianity is one of a relationship with my maker. It does not matter to me what other believers say; that stays as their opinion. I know who my maker and my God is, and I look up to Him to guide me in my walk with Him as He directs my path.

The good book says, “Before you were born, I knew you.” He has all the plans laid out for each and every one of us—of course, subject to whether you agree or not—before we came into being. As omnipotent as He is, He knows what will be.

As an artist, I am always curious—a seeking spirit with a desire to create. It never stops. Why would I not believe I was created a little lower than God? We are both in the creating business. My faith is a little smaller than the mustard seed and therefore able to move small things. I believe it is growing as I continue to hear, listen to, and share in other people’s testimony. I yearn to hear more from anyone who cares to share testimonies and experiences, especially knowing very well that there is that of God in everyone. I hear God speak to me from everywhere irrespective of what others believe in or practice, and irrespective of where and how they believe they came to be.

I have been worshiping in the Quaker way for a couple of decades. I look forward to going to Hill House Meeting in Accra, Ghana, each Sunday. I enjoy my quiet moments with other Friends amidst vocal ministry, different visitors, chirping birds, and sometimes the sound of drumming from nearby churches or shouts of excitement from the golf course next door. Butterflies and brightly colored birds also appear to visit us from afar.

After a short break for refreshments, the second section of meeting starts. It’s a time for sharing testimonies, portions of the Bible or the Red Book, experiences of the past week, discussion on socio-economic issues, and the latest gossip from everywhere and anywhere. By the end I feel ready to begin a new week with freshness and vim.

Members of Hill House Meeting have grown together to become one family supporting and helping each other in the various stages of our spiritual journeys. Several times throughout the year, those members who live outside Ghana come for a visit, and it’s always a joyous occasion to have them back in our meeting discussions and fellowship. We are guided by our Quaker testimonies, and we strive to stay focused on what we are guided by.

I am still growing in Him as my God and my maker, to do His bidding cheerfully, trusting in Him and where He leads me.

Edwina Dankwa Assan

A textile designer by profession, Edwina Dankwa Assan founded the social enterprise Edtex over 20 years ago to ethically produce handmade, color-fast fabrics for fashion designers and home decorators. She is a member of Hill House Meeting in Accra, Ghana.

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