QuakerSpeak, January 2021

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Have you seen the one with two young adult Friends talking about how they use humorous Internet memes to raise issues Quakers are sometimes reluctant to confront? Their Instagram account has over 1,100 followers!

“The memes page came out of frustration and needing a place to vent. We have both had some pretty frustrating, difficult, painful experiences among Friends, and we’re still Quakers: this is our spiritual home, and we didn’t want to leave it, but we also needed to criticize it in a pretty robust way.”

—Lucia Kalinosky, worships with Laughing Waters Preparative Meeting in metropolitan Minneapolis–St. Paul, Minn.; and co-clerk of the Meme-istry and Counsel Committee (on Instagram @rsofshitposting)

Transcript and Discussion Questions Available Here

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