School of the Spirit

School of the Spirit asks Friends what they long for in their Friends community. The School’s new program, Faithful Meetings, will provide meetings with opportunities to explore this and other questions about what it means to be a community of Friends today. Over the course of nine months, through in-person and online engagements, Friends meetings will be given openings to examine many aspects of Quaker faith and practices. In worship, worship sharing, activities, and discussions, Friends will ponder their spiritual experiences, struggles, and beliefs with one another. Each meeting community will be invited to co-create a space where spiritual and emotional intimacy can thrive, where differences are welcome as a broader spectrum of Light, and where unity is experienced not as conformity but as a communal connection with the “more” that is beyond limited human understanding. It is in this intimate space that Friends may learn to trust themselves; trust one another; and most importantly, trust the Divine to know and guide them.

Learn more: The School of the Spirit Ministry

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