Six Seasons of QuakerSpeak

Since the release of its first video in March of 2014, QuakerSpeak has uploaded more than 200 videos over six seasons and garnered an amazing 2,424,639 total views (and counting). We’ve selected one noteworthy video from each season, along with the transcript and some viewer comments that have helped us understand how people are using QuakerSpeak in their spiritual lives.

Season 1
The Quaker way emerged in circumstances like those we face today. Max Carter, a professor at Guilford College, shares the story of George Fox, who went seeking for spiritual answers and found them not in a church but within. Click here to watch the video!


Season 2

Quaker and military chaplain Zac Moon has a unique perspective on the effects of war. He has some ideas for how Friends can help military service members to come home. Click here to watch the video!


Season 3

When Quakers say we want to work for peace, does that just mean a lack of war? Or is it something greater? Kristina Keefe-Perry wrestles with the deeper spiritual implications. Click here to watch the video!


Season 4

You might be a Quaker and not even know it! Watch this video to find out. (Above speaker is Norma Wallman.) Click here to watch the video!


Season 5

Quaker author Michael Birkel felt that we aren’t hearing the whole truth about Islam, so he went out to discover it for himself. The following transcript has been cut for space. Click here to watch the video!


Season 6

When Ayesha Imani found Quakers, she knew this was where she belonged. But she also felt limited by the culture she perceived in Quaker meeting—that is until she tried worshiping with other Quakers of African descent. Click here to watch the video!


Top 10 QuakerSpeak Videos

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