Writing Opp: Ecumenical and Interfaith Friends

We know there are plenty of Quakers who only need a little nudge to share their perspectives with a wider audience. If you know anyone who should write about this topic, please share this post with them!

There was once a time during which Quakers mostly kept to themselves. But modern Friends are very involved in the world and spend a lot of time working with people of all faiths.

Our October issue will look at Ecumenical and Interfaith Friends. Some questions that might be addressed:

  • What do Friends raised in other traditions bring to us?
  • What about Friends whose spirituality also embraces other faiths?
  • How do we make common ground with other Christians?
  • What is the balance between keeping to our own traditions and opening up to others?
  • Is there a danger of being too ecumenical? Is it possible to lose our own beliefs?

Submit: Ecumenical and Interfaith Friends

Fast Facts

  • Features run 1200-2500 words.
  • Submissions close July 17, 2023.

General Submission Guidelines. Questions? Email editors@friendsjournal.org

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