The American people cannot wait a year let alone until 2019 for healthcare

Dear President Trump,

From first grade until halfway through the third grade, I lived in Maputo, Mozambique. In October 2013 my mom and I moved back to America because my grandfather and then stepfather had passed away suddenly and we needed to be in a place where we had support. My mom worked for the federal government as a contractor for nine years. She chose to leave her job so she could take care of herself and me. The healthcare insurance that she was offered when she left her job was too expensive. We were able to get healthcare through the Affordable Healthcare Act. My mom chose Obamacare. She only paid $1 a month for my healthcare. We did this for ten months, which allowed her to heal. She is now back at work and has full healthcare for us from her job. Imagine all the families like mine. If you take away the healthcare, then people could get hurt and not have care, which is very risky.

If you want to get rid of Obamacare, you should put something better on the table. And you cannot take a year to make a whole new care plan. You said, “We are putting in a wonderful plan. It statutorily takes a while to get. We’re going to be putting it in fairly soon. I would like to say, by the end of the year, at least the rudiments, but we should have something within the year and the following year.” The American people cannot wait a year let alone until 2019 for healthcare. So please either keep Obamacare until your healthcare plan is ready or create a rustic healthcare plan and fix it over time.

Sincerely yours,

Karabelo Bowsky, Grade 6, Sidwell Friends School

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