Fall 2020 Writing Opportunities

We hope you’re enjoying the September issue of Friends Journal. This is the first non-themed issue we’ve produced since the world became topsy-turvy with Coronavirus lockdowns. In the past six months we’ve almost become used to producing the magazine you know and love without ever stepping foot in the same room. 

Extending deadline for “Emerging Witnesses”

We’d like to see a few more submissions for December issue, which was originally due yesterday, so we’re extending the deadline two weeks to September 28. We mean for this to be something of a catch-all for interesting work, witness, revelations, etc., that Friends are exploring.

Friends talk of “concerns” that start with an individual or small minority of our fellowship and grow into more widespread leadings and eventually sometimes into society-wide testimonies. There are a handful of popular Quaker testimonies that get talked about all the time. But what are some emerging ones that might deserve our attention? Some might be older ones that could be revisited; others might be issues that are new or that Friends may have overlooked. Extended deadline September 28, 2020. Submit for December 2021: Emerging Witnesses.

Upcoming 2021 Issues

January 2021: Race and Antiracism. What are Friends doing both within our religious society and in the outside world. How are Friends re-examining Quaker actions in the past? Are reparations in order? What does Black Lives Matter movement mean to Friends? We most often talk about Black/White dynamics but what other racial issues affect our society? How can we work for justice for all? Due October 19, 2020. Submit for January 2021: Race and Antiracism.

February 2021. This will be another unthemed issue. Get your submissions into our General Submissions account by mid-November.

March 2021: The Pandemic at One Year.. While we don’t know what our world will look like come March, we know that lockdowns and social distancing have affected all of our lives. How have Friends responded? Is a form of blended in-person/virtual worship going to become the norm? Due 12/21/2020. Submit for March 2021: The Pandemic at One Year

Editor’s Desk Upcoming Themes

We also spent the summer coming up with the next slate of themes. Because world events are changing our lives so quickly, we’re changing the mix—more of these general-interest, un-themed issues—but we do have some juicy topics coming up—“Language of Faith,” “Quaker Utopias,” and “Safety in Meetings,” for example. You can see the full list at Friendsjournal.org/submissions.

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