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Among Friends: A Piece of the Answer

An introduction to the May 2017 issue on the fourth annual Student Voices Project and Quaker Summers.

Gail Whiffen is associate editor of聽Friends Journal.聽[email protected]

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For a religious group known for its silent worship, we鈥檙e a pretty outspoken bunch

Student Voices: 鈥淲e advocate, we organize, we vote, we speak the truth, and when necessary, we protest. We may worship [鈥

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Every person deserves a chance and the right to have that chance

Student Voices: 鈥淭he America I envision is an America where all people are treated equally. It is an America where [鈥

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I hope you make the right decisions for our country, especially for the children like me

Student Voices: 鈥淚f I were the president, I would retrain the people who have lost their jobs in the coal [鈥

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When I first found out that you won the election, to be honest, I felt fear

Student Voices: 鈥淔ear that racial relations would get worst, fear that women would be looked at as lesser (more than [鈥

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Our police are not protecting and serving anymore

Student Voices: 鈥 I believe we need to bring more attention to these police as a first priority. I do [鈥

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One of the many injustices that I am craving for you to change is the death penalty

Student Voices: 鈥淥ur world is killing people who might not have even committed the crime they鈥檝e been sentenced for. People [鈥

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Do not break the hearts of the children who want to be together with their parents

Student Voices: 鈥淐onsider the importance of family values and the future of the children, and help them grow by educating [鈥

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I feel that nationalism can help America

Student Voices: 鈥淗owever, for someone who promises that 鈥淎merica now will be heard,鈥 perhaps it鈥檚 time to listen to everyone, [鈥

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We need to put America first, and only then will it become great again

Student Voices: 鈥淗undreds of thousands of blue collar workers in the Midwest have lost their jobs, and I know that [鈥

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