Do not break the hearts of the children who want to be together with their parents

Dear Mr. President Donald J. Trump,

It’s a pleasure to greet you from Costa Rica. I am writing this letter to ask you to continue to support my Costa Rican country’s economy and ecotourism. Thanks to ecotourism, many Costa Rican people have a daily job for their living expenses and food for the home. My hope is that you can keep the same process as the Obama administration.

This issue may not be important to you, but it affects us; all of Latin America is waiting for your help and generosity. As a Latin person, I ask you support the immigrant families. Like everyone else we work hard to survive. It is sad to me that you want to deport as many Latinos as possible. I have family that lives in the USA, and the government has not wanted to help them, despite the fact that they have lived in the states for many years. There are many families that already have a life formed, that have nowhere to go because the United States is their home.

Mr. Trump, do not break the hearts of the children who want to be together with their parents. Consider the importance of family values and the future of the children, and help them grow by educating them without discrimination and racism. Don’t construct the big wall to divide Latinos from people in the United States, no matter what their color or where we come from.

The most important thing is to be united. Together we can change the world in a good, positive way, learning to help each other, understand each other, and hear each other. If one day I wish to visit your country, I would be happy to be received with a good welcoming. For my part, I leave everything in the hands of God, wanting my voice to be heard.

Thank you for your attention and support. Sincerely,

Sara De La Torre, Grade 9, Monteverde Friends School

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